Lady Dimitrescu becomes Thomas The Train in RE village Mod

Lady Dimitrescu: Thomas the Tank Engine may be found everywhere there is a mod capability. Now that it’s become custom, no one can truly be shocked that Thomas appeared in the most recent Resident Evil. Indeed, a fresh Resident Evil Village mod has emerged from the brief demo, and this time it turns Lady Dimitrescu (Big Tall Vampire Lady) into Thomas the Tank Engine.

You will be aware that I visit Nexus Mods to an obsessional degree if you read my weekly Mod Corner piece. But this one game perspective is the one I was hoping for. It’s much better than the Barney one I published the day before because Village since it has the nicest dinosaur in the whole planet.

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Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu becomes Thomas The Train

It’s an easy mod (and free). Lady Dimitrescu may easily be reskinned to transform her face into the menacing appearance of Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s really simple to use; just make sure you have the Fully Mod Manager for RE8 and JT’s mod to swap out the daughters for Lady D. Naturally, this mod will go through adjustments once the game is completely released, but for now? Enjoy this adorable Lady Dimitrescu Thomas the Tank gameplay video to see her in action.

You can download this mod right here

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