iTel A26 A571L Flash File (official Firmware) 2024

We’ll show you how to install the firmware file on an iTel A26 A571L Flash File running Android 10.0 on this website. This gadget is powered by the Spreadtrum SC9863A chipset, which has good specs and is reasonably priced. If you’re using an itel A26 phone, you can read the complete tutorial to flashing Stock ROM.

While flashing any Custom ROM, some users may have soft brick or device boot loop issues. This can happen before, during, or after you install the Custom ROM or any mod files. In the meanwhile, the temporary issue must be resolved by reverting to the stock ROM.

iTel A26 A571L Flash File (official Firmware)

Download iTel A26 A571L Flash File (official Firmware)

Device Name: itel A571l
Type: Full ROM
ROM Size:
 up to 962MB
SoC: SC9832e
Firmware Version: Itel_A571L_V012_20210127_10_SPD
Link: MediaFire


How to Flash iTel A26/A571L:

Install SPD driver or iTel A26 A571L Flash File

1- Download the package and extract Flash tool.
2- Double-click UpgradeDownload.exe from the list of icons.
3- The tool will be launched on your PC.
4- Click on the Load Packed button and select the Firmware with extension .pac at the end.
5- Click the Downloading button, which is located at third position.
6- Turn off your mobile and connect to the computer using Volume down key.
7- Successful flashing will be possible with this method.

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