Where to find Ytterbium in Starfield & Starfield Ytterbium Location

Where to find Ytterbium in Starfield & Starfield Ytterbium Location: Ytterbium is an essential resource used in crafting Weapon Mods, Equipment, Outposts, & more. Finding it may prove challenging as it necessitates extensive exploration. But it doesn’t mean aimless wandering across various planets – use this guide instead to learn efficient methods of collecting Ytterbium. Read on now to begin your search.

Where to find Ytterbium in Starfield

Starfield features an extremely rare mineral called Ytterbium that is used in many crafting recipes involving weapons, armor & consumables as well as ship components. While this resource can be found on planets across the galaxy it may not always be easy to discover it.

Where to find Ytterbium in Starfield & Starfield Ytterbium Location
Where to find Ytterbium in Starfield & Starfield Ytterbium Location

Here are some suggestions for locating Ytterbium within Starfield:

  • Purchase it from vendors. Ytterbium can be purchased from various vendors across the galaxy, including general goods sellers in major cities & space stations. However, due to being an increasingly scarce resource it may not always be available for purchase.
  • Mine it yourself. Ytterbium can also be mined on planets. To mine Ytterbium effectively, you will require a Cutter from mining vendors or shipyards, which you can then use to mine its deposits. These deposits can be found all across space but most commonly appear on planets with Extreme Conditions.
  • Use the System Scanner. The System Scanner can be used to quickly scan planets for resources. To search a planet for Ytterbium, simply select its resource from within the System Scanner before scanning its planet – should Ytterbium exist on that world, the System Scanner will mark it on your map.

Starfield Ytterbium Location

Here are a few specific locations where you can find Ytterbium in Starfield:

  • Tau Ceti V: This planet lies within the Tau Ceti star system & boasts extreme conditions, yet, it remains one of the best places for early game Ytterbium discovery.
  • Akila: This planet can be found in the Cheyenne system & offers an ideal opportunity for finding & purchasing Ytterbium midgame. Midtown Minerals in Akila City provides this mineral.
  • Kang: This star system boasts multiple planets with Ytterbium deposits, Kang I, Kang IV-b & Kang VIII-c are ideal places for mining Ytterbium deposits.

Final Words

Remember that Ytterbium is a scarce resource & may take some time & persistence to source in sufficient amounts for crafting items you desire. But be patient, & you should eventually find what you require.

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