Everything about Heart Stones, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Heart Stones is a Dragonborn sidequest. Neloth of Tel Mithryn will ask you to bring him a Heart Stone from different places.

Heart Stones: Walkthrough

Leave Tel Mithryn and look for red ore veins. The southern section of the island is filled in Heart Stone veins. Stones may be utilised on Tel Mithryn’s Staff Enchanter.

Heart Stones
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Heart Stones: Usage

  • They may be utilised with Conjure Ash Guardian to prevent the summoned Ash Guardian from attacking.
  • They may also be utilised at the Staff Enchanter.
  • Neloth in Tel Mithryn will buy it for the quest.

Locations of Heart Stones

  • There are three heart stone veins at Brodir Grove (northeast of Raven Rock).
  • On the peninsula between Fort Frostmoth and Tel Mithryn, there are two deposits (one is west southwest of the silt strider, the other is south of the first near the beach).
  • One deposit lies up the hill behind the big mushroom house, south of the Tel Mithryn fast travel point.
  • On the southeast cliff below Tel Mithryn, there are two deposits (which is guarded by two Ash Spawn).
  • Broken Tusk Mine has two Heart Stone veins.
  • The area around Hrodulf’s House has two ore veins.
  • Within the walls of White Ridge Barrow are two veins.
  • There are two ore veins at Fort Frostmoth.
  • The Coldcinder Cave has three ore veins.
  • Two deposits are located close to Ashfallow Citadel.
  • On the little island to the west of the Old Attius Farm, there is one deposit.
  • Next to the Wreck of the Strident Squall, there is one deposit.
  • One deposit is located on Highpoint Tower’s south side.
  • One deposit is located close to Kolbjorn Barrow.

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