How to Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite? A Full Process

How to Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite? LEGO Fortnite isn’t just about building and fighting; it’s about exploring the vibrant world of Battle Royale island piecemeal! But how can you efficiently traverse such an enormous terrain? Fear not, brave explorer, for this guide provides all of the knowledge needed to conquer land, sea and sky with ease!

Mediums to Travel in LEGO Fortnite

Foot Power: Running is always reliable and perfect for short distances or sneaking through tight spaces. Don’t forget to collect golden coins as speed boosts!

Vehicles: LEGO Fortnite offers a diverse fleet of vehicles to control. Cruising around in a car is perfect for exploring roads while boats sail across shimmering water bodies. For an extra thrilling ride, hop aboard either a motorbike or even an enormous mech!

Creatures: Make friends with local wildlife! Taming a wild boar provides an effective mount for traversing rough terrain. Need an airlift up higher? Befriend an amicable pterodactyl and soar through the skies!

Building Your Own: Bring out your inner architect! Build vehicles of your own design for an entirely personalized travel experience, whether that means off-road trucking adventures or boating along rivers and lakes – there is truly no end to what possibilities can open up!

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How To Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite?

Exploring LEGO Fortnite’s vast and vibrant island can be a thrilling adventure, yet traversing its diverse biomes can sometimes seem like a tedious trek. Although no dedicated fast travel system currently exists within the game, fear not: There are clever ways you can zip across it faster and save precious time – here’s your guide for conquering its land swiftly:

How to Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite?

Take to the Skies:

  • Hot Air Balloon: Balloon travel is an unforgettable experience that you should try at least once. Find a balloon station, construct a balloon and soar above the clouds – while its fixed path won’t always bring you directly to key locations, its fixed route should still bring you close by.
  • Chopper: Chopers offer more control than balloons and should be spread throughout the map to find landing pads or build them yourself with enough bricks. Choppers are great for quick jumps between nearby areas.

Ride the Rails:

  • Build a Train: LEGO train networks offer unparalleled fun! Unleash your inner engineer to design a network connecting all of the places that matter most in life – don’t forget fueling stations and stops as important stops along your route!

Creature Comforts:

Tame a Raptor: Once you tame them, these speedy dinosaurs become faithful companions. Though steering them can be tricky, their bursts of speed provide an effective means of quickly covering ground. Just be wary of their fragile health!

Befriend a Pigasus: These majestic flying pigs offer unique perspectives and speed boosts that cannot be replicated elsewhere. While their presence may be hard to come by, experiencing flying high with one is something worth cherishing!

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Bonus Tips to Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite

  • Upgrade Your Tools: For quicker demolition of obstacles on your path and shorter travel times, invest in more powerful pickaxes and axes. This can speed up deconstruction time significantly.
  • Master Brick-Building: LEGO Fortnite is all about imagination! Use ramps, bridges and shortcuts to efficiently traverse terrain.
  • Plan Your Route: Before setting out on your journey, familiarizing yourself with a map and its landmarks will make navigation simpler. Knowing where you’re going makes for an easier ride.

With some ingenuity and these useful tips in hand, you should soon be making your way around LEGO Fortnite Island like never before.

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