How do Games earn: Game monetization Models


How do Games earn: Game creation depends on revenue. It involves generating revenue from the game, which can come from various sources. This page discusses current game revenue models.

Free-to-Play (F2P) model

Free-to-Play (F2P) is a common online revenue model. This model offers free game download and play. The game developer generates revenue by offering in-game items and bonuses that players can purchase using real money.


How do Games earn: The items or bonuses could be anything from weapons, skins, upgrades, or special powers. This plan works if the creator can make a game that promotes in-game spending.

Subscription model

Another common game revenue model is membership. Users pay daily, regularly, or annually to view the game’s content. MMOs with paid content use this model.

Apps make money by updating with new content to keep players interested.

How do Games earn

Pay-to-Play (P2P) model

Pay-to-Play (P2P) games demand a one-time sum. The F2P model has replaced this early play model. Console and PC games use this model. The game’s content must justify the one-time pay for this plan to work.

In-App Purchases (IAP) model

The In-App Purchases (IAP) model is similar to F2P, but instead of giving in-game goods or perks, the creator lets players access new stages or features by paying in-app.

How do Games earn: This model is popular among mobile games, where players can make small purchases to improve their gameplay experience. This plan works if the creator can make a game that promotes in-app payments.


Advertising model

The Advertising model is another monetization model that game developers can use. This model involves showing advertisements to players during gameplay. The developer generates revenue by charging advertisers for the ads that are shown.

How do Games earn: The success of this model depends on the developer’s ability to balance the ads with the gameplay experience, as too many ads can turn players off.


Monetization is crucial to game creation. A game’s success relies on the developer’s revenue plan choice. The models above are just a few of the many game revenue models available to creators today. Developers should choose a model that suits their game and public, as no single model works for all games.

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