Hoi4 Commands: Mastering Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats

Hoi4 Commands: With so many reasons to play Hearts of Iron 4 and an ever expanding modding community there’s plenty to discover in the game. If you need assistance testing out the vanilla game Hearts of Iron IV features a command console that enables quick results by using certain console command.

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Hoi4 commands
Hoi4 commands

Hoi4 Commands: Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats

Hoi4 commands: One thing to keep in mind about the console commands listed below: several of them require the nation’s ID tag. For example, ‘ENG’ stands for Great Britain. There’s a simple approach to finding the nation tags you’re looking for. Type tdebug into the command console (typically TAB, although it depends on your keyboard), then hover over the country you wish to see the tag.

Method and Tag

You may use this method to determine state and province ID however you will need to switch map modes in order to get accurate result.

Hoi4 Commands
Hoi4 Commands
gain_xp [amount]The selected leader or general will get the specified amount of XP
cp [amount]Increase your Command Power (up to a max of 100%)
st [amount]Add stability (up to a max of 100%). Remove stability by using a negative number
ws [amount]Add war support (up to a max of 100%). Remove support by using a negative number
allowtraitsRemove restrictions on general trait assignment
add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]Add any amount of specified equipment to your stockpiles (not naval). Must be researched first
add_latest_equipment [amount]Add specified number to equipment listed on the logistics screen
whitepeace [country tag] [country tag]Enforce a white peace between two specified country tags
teleport [province id]Instantly teleport selected ships or armies to specified province id
allowdiploAllow any diplomatic action (e.g. declaring war) without justification
instantconstructionEnable or disable construction cheat, causing all construction to happen instantaneously
research [slot id / ‘all’]Research all equipment or just things in a specified slot
research_on_icon_clickInstantly research any technology clicked on
annex [country tag]Start annexing the specified country tag, incorporating their territory to your nation
winwarsGain maximum warscore for every conflict you are currently involved in
manpower [amount]Gain specified amount of manpower in your reserves
tag [country tag]Change the country you’re playing as. Requires country tag
observeWatch the game play itself
setowner [country tag] [state id]Set/change ownership of a state to specified country
setcontroller [country tag] [province id]Set/change controller of a state to specified country
xp [amount]Gain specified amount of experience to all pools (Army, Navy, and Air)
pp [amount]Gain specified amount of political power
civilwar [ideology] [country tag]Trigger a civil war within a country with specified ideology
add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount]Add specified amount of popularity to specified party
set_ruling_party [ideology group]Set specified ideology group as the ruling party
focus.nochecksIgnore focus requirements
focus.ignoreprerequisitesIgnore focus prerequisites
decision.nochecksIgnore decision requirements
nuke [amount]Add specified amount of nukes to your country’s arsenal
yesmanCause country AI to automatically accept any diplomatic offers
deleteallunits [country tag]Delete all armies and fleets of specified country tag
frontsToggle visibility of foreign fronts
traderoutesToggle visibility of trade routes
debug_tacticsToggle visibility of tactics debug tooltip
NomapiconsToggle visibility of icons in the map
NopausetextToggle visibility of pause menu
morehumans [amount]Add more humans. Use negative number to subtract
add_autonomy [country tag] [amount]Add or subtract from specified country’s autonomy level
add_interest [country tag]Add specified country tag to your interest
remove_interest [country tag]Remove specified country tag from your interest
fowToggle fog of war on/off. Can specify province ID to toggle fow in one place
savegameForce a save
add_core [state id] [country tag]Add specified state as a ‘core’ of specified country
errorPrint errors from the log file
moveunit [unit id] [province id]Move specified unit to specified province
WeatherToggle weather on/off
tag_color [rgb]Set tag color of your current country
Instant_wargoalAllow use of any war goal without justification
airealismJoke command meant to get AI to start smack-talking players

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Hoi4 Commands
Hoi4 Commands

Above we have covered the complete process of running Hoi4 commands so you can use this knowledge for understanding the topic.

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