Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office: Accessing the office

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office: Do you want to see the Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office? Students and employees cannot enter the headmaster’s office. You’ll need magic to get inside Phineas Nigellus Black’s office unless you know the password.

We can find out the Hogwarts Heritage Black family motto by using a special potion to enter the headmaster’s office. This Hogwarts Legacy guide won’t reveal the plot, but you finally enter the headmaster’s office during the Polyjuice Plot major quest. Read our Hogwarts Legacy quests list to see how far you are from this task.

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office: How to Enter?

The Polyjuice Plot main quest is the only method to access the Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office. You still need to locate the office password, but this elixir makes you look and sound like Professor Black. Find Madam Kogawa to discover Scrope, Professor Black’s house elf, according to Professor Fig. Talk to Scrope about the password in the Great Hall, as Madam Kogawa tells you.

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office: Scrope gives you a password clue, but as a fifth-year student, you wouldn’t know. Choose the following dialogue choices after asking for the password: “You dare challenge me?” and “It’s about blood purity.” You get permanent access to the headmaster’s office when Scrope answers.

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office: Location

You can reach the headmaster’s office door before the Polyjuice Plot main objective, but you can’t investigate it. Choose The Grand Staircase and the Trophy Room with the Hogwarts Heritage Floo Flame. Turn around and travel down the dark passage to the golden horse, then turn right and use Alohomora to open the door.

The castle’s highest peak and other parts of the headmaster’s office need Alohomora level three. Without our advice, finding all the Hogwarts Heritage Demiguise Statues to upgrade Alohomora is difficult. Alohomora level one can open knight-guarded gates. One Alohomora-accessible area has a Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chest.

Avoid the additional chambers to discover a stairway with green lanterns. Ascend this staircase and turn left to collect Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages. Along the walkway is a closed door with a huge keyhole. You located the headmaster’s office.

Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office requires just that.

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