Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto: Clarified

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto: In “The Polyjuice Conspiracy,” you play Professor Black and require the Hogwarts Heritage Black family motto. Harry Potter fans know that Polyjuice potions don’t give people their memories, but they do convert them into a duplicate of the person they think of.

Clearly, you’ll have to investigate the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto. Although though this is one of the later Hogwarts Legacy missions, accessible after “The Headmistress Speaks,” the motto’s secret is easy to remember provided you remember one essential information about the Black family. If you get it wrong, you won’t be punished. If you want to finish the open-world game’s goal and get inside the headmaster’s office fast, use the Black family credo.

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto: What is it?

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto: Upon speaking with Scrope in the Great Hall as part of the quest, you need choose the conversation option “It’s to do with purity of blood” in order to discover the Hogwarts Heritage Black family motto. The motto is “Toujours Pur,” which translates to “Always Pure” in French. The Black family has always believed that Muggle and wizard blood should never mingle, thus this makes sense.

After the Polyjuice potion wears off, you’ll travel upstairs and left after solving the Hogwarts Heritage Black family motto puzzle. You’ll finish the objective after hiding to escape trouble. If you have Alohomora level 3, you may uncover the third Hogwarts Legacy secret by returning to the headmaster’s chamber. Hogwarts Legacy may one day offer the Polyjuice potion and the power to morph into another NPC. Either way, you’re nearing the conclusion.

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