Genshin Impact Lata Sada Boya: A Guide to This Mysterious Quest

Genshin Impact Lata Sada Boya: Genshin Impact is a popular action role-playing video game that has taken the gaming world by storm. With an expansive open world environment and plenty of quests and challenges, Genshin Impact keeps on giving. One particularly captivating quest in particular, “Lata Sada Boya,” offers players an intriguing journey into its mysterious world. In this article, we’ll delve into Lata Sada Boya and walk you through its mysterious world step-by-step.

What is Lata Sada Boya?

Lata Sada Boya is a secret quest in Genshin Impact that takes you on an exciting journey through Teyvat, requiring you to solve various puzzles along the way. Unfortunately, its location and how to start are unknown, making this quest somewhat of a challenge if you enjoy solving puzzles! If so, Lata Sada Boya might just be for you!

Genshin Impact Lata Sada Boya

How to Unlock Lata Sada Boya Quest?

Unlocking Lata Sada Boya is the first step in starting your quest. Unlike other quests in Genshin Impact, there is no definitive way of unlocking it; however, it appears that players who have completed certain other quests and reached a certain Adventure Rank can access this one.

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Begin the Lata Sada Boya Quest

Once you have unlocked the quest, the next step is to locate it. Lata Sada Boya can be found near Yaoguang Shoal area of Liyue near the edge of cliff overlooking the sea. When you arrive at this location, look for a stone tablet reading “Lata Sada Boya”. Interacting with it will initiate the beginning of your quest.

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Solving the First Puzzle

To progress in the Lata Sada Boya quest, you must light five torches scattered around the area. These can be hard to spot so once located, light them in a specific order in order to move on to the next stage of the challenge.

Solving the Second Puzzle

Once you solve the first puzzle, the next step is to locate its counterpart. This second one lies beneath the waters near Yaoguang Shoal and requires swimming down to its bottom where you will discover a stone platform marked with symbols. After finding this platform, proceed to solve any remaining puzzle pieces on board!

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Solving the Second Puzzle

To solve this second puzzle, match up symbols on the stone platform with symbols located around it. Once all are matched up correctly, a new puzzle will appear.

Discovering the Third Puzzle

The third puzzle is located on a small island near Yaoguang Shoal. To reach it, you need a character who has the power of creating an ice bridge.

Solving the Third Puzzle (Continued)

To solve this puzzle, you must light three torches in a specific order on an island that may be difficult to locate. Once located, light them correctly according to their numerical order to advance to the next step of your quest.

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Finding the Final Puzzle

After solving the third puzzle, the next step is to locate the final one. This final challenge lies on a small island near Yaoguang Shoal and requires using a character with the ability to build an ice bridge in order to reach it.

Solving the Final Puzzle

Finally, you must solve a riddle. Here is what the riddle asks:

“Before the eyes of the Seven, a cloud remnant will rise up and reveal your path.”

To solve the riddle, you must stand before the statue of the Seven and use your Elemental Sight ability. This will reveal a path leading to a treasure chest; open it to complete your quest.

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Lata Sada Boya quest in Genshin Impact is an exciting and rewarding challenge that requires you to solve various puzzles and riddles. If you’re up for a challenge while exploring Teyvat’s vast world, Lata Sada Boya is definitely for you!


Can I complete the Lata Sada Boya quest with any character?

Yes, you can complete the quest with any character. However, some puzzles may be easier to solve with certain characters than others.

Is there a time limit to complete Lata Sada Boya quest?

Absolutely not! You have unlimited time to finish it. No, there is no time limit to complete the quest. Take your time solving puzzles and finishing at your own pace – the Lata Sada Boya quest cannot be repeated once completed; once it has been completed once and done with, there is no opportunity for further playbacks or upgrades.

Are there any rewards for completing the Lata Sada Boya quest?

Yes, there is a reward for successfully completing this quest. You will receive a treasure chest containing various items including Primogems, Mora, and Enhancement Ores.

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