Genshin Impact Capitano: Who is he?

Genshin Impact Capitano: Capitano is a five-star Cryo character in Genshin Impact who wields a two-handed claymore and has the power of controlling water, creating large pools that freeze enemies, deal Cryo damage and increase allies’ attack and movement speeds. His ultimate ability, “Torrential Tide,” creates massive waves of water which knock back opponents while dealing Cryo damage; his passive ability increases Hydro and Cryo reactions for even further power on any team! Capitano also increases damage from hydro and cryo reactions – making him even more valuable addition than before to any team comprised of Cryo characters!

Genshin Impact Capitano: More about the Character

Il Capitano may lead the Fatui Harbingers. Not quite; only four to ten seats remain unaccounted for (excluding La Signora and Scaramouche’s places ), so his seat number may likely be four.

Genshin Impact Capitano: He may appear obscure at first, with only his stylish helmet covering his face and flowing black locks visible beneath his cloak; his presence was only ever witnessed during Winter Night’s Lazzo trailer when all Harbingers mourned La Signora; Capitano inquires of Dottore about Scaramouche’s goals and location before departing with them to grieve La Signora together.
Two Captain vocal lines reveal his personality: Genshin Impact’s Tartaglia recalls watching Capitano fight and it was amazing, while never meeting Capitano directly himself; nevertheless he wants to take him on due to his aggressive nature and demonstrate it with an encounter between themselves and Capitano.

The Wanderer (formerly Scaramouche and The Balladeer) repeatedly refers to Capitano. He hails him as “ever-righteous Captain”, commends his courage, and praises Capitano as strong; this fits with Wanderer’s ranking of him fourth on their hierarchy list.

Genshin Impact Capitano

Genshin Impact Capitano: Varka from Genshin Impact sent word to Favonius Knights about Capitano via Mika from Genshin Impact during Weinlesefest; Mika of Genshin Impact read out this message revealing Varka had encountered Capitano while traveling, all sides being friendly; discovering Capitano had left for Natlan area after leaving Fontaine; suggesting this Traveler may meet him after reaching Natlan area after Fontaine is completed.

All Harbingers, such as Il Capitano, are comic characters in Commedia Dell’arte. He stands out as being particularly compelling: usually taking on self-imposed titles of authority such as Captain; often speaking out of turn with other members in Snezhnaya while giving himself away to other groups with embellished titles of authority as the Captain does; perhaps from Snezhnaya themselves but embellishing himself through promotion to such levels without actually belonging there!

Bloodstained Knight, featured in the Bloodstained Chivalry artefact set, may represent Capitano; his iron mask, chains and descriptions appear similar to Tartaglia’s depictions of Capitano. Furthermore, Pale Flame artefact set mentions Doctor; this could imply additional Harbingers could appear within artefact sets as well.

Is Genshin Impact Capitano going to be playable character?

If Capitano doesn’t suffer a similar end as some other Harbingers, he’ll likely become available much later in the Teyvat tale. However, there are presently no indications of what kind of build he could have.

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