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Genshin Impact Capitano: Who is he?

Genshin Impact Capitano: Capitano is a five-star Cryo character in the game Genshin Impact. He is a melee character who wields a two-handed claymore and has the ability to control water. His abilities allow him to create large pools of water that can freeze enemies, deal Cryo damage, and provide allies with increased attack and movement speed. His ultimate ability, “Torrential Tide,” creates a massive wave of water that knocks back enemies and deals Cryo damage. Capitano also has a passive ability that increases the damage of Hydro and Cryo reactions, making him a powerful addition to any Cryo-based team.

Genshin Impact Capitano: More about the Character

Il Capitano, The Captain, may command the Fatui Harbingers. Not so. Only four and ten seats are unaccounted for (excluding La Signora and Scaramouche’s places), therefore his seat number is likely four.

Genshin Impact Capitano: Capitano has little else. His cloak and stylish helmet cover his face. He has gorgeous beautiful black hair. His single appearance was in the Winter Night’s Lazzo trailer, when all the Harbingers mourned La Signora. He asks Dottore about Scaramouche’s goals and location.
Two Captain vocal lines reveal his personality. Genshin Impact’s Tartaglia says he’s seen him fight and it’s amazing. He never met Capitano, however. Tartaglia wants to fight Capitano to display his power due to his aggressive nature.

The Wanderer, formerly Scaramouche and The Balladeer, references Capitano. He adds the “ever-righteous Captain” and “brave and courageous” is continuously praised. We understand Wanderer’s impatience. He also says Capitano is strong, which supports his number four ranking.

Genshin Impact Capitano

Genshin Impact Capitano: Varka from Genshin Impact writes to the Knights of Favonius about Capitano. Mika of Genshin Impact read this message during Weinlesefest, revealing that Varka met Capitano on his journey. Fortunately, all sides were friendly. He discovered Capitano was departing towards Genshin Impact’s Natlan area. This suggests that the Traveler will meet Capitano in Natlan after completing Fontaine.

All Harbingers, including Il Capitano, are Commedia Dell’arte characters. It’s an intriguing stock character this time. The Capitano’s “Captain” moniker is usually self-imposed, suggesting a fake. The Captain isn’t Italian either. Capitano may not be from Snezhnaya and has embellished his way through the ranks.

The Bloodstained Knight, who appears in the Bloodstained Chivalry artefact set, may be Capitano. The set’s iron mask, chains, and descriptions match Tartaglia’s depiction of Capitano. The Pale Flame artefact set mentions the Doctor, therefore it’s possible that additional Harbingers may appear in artefact sets.

Is Genshin Impact Capitano going to be playable character?

If Capitano doesn’t suffer a similar end as some other Harbingers, he’ll likely become available much later in the Teyvat tale. However, there are presently no indications of what kind of build he could have.

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