For Honor Medjay Egyptian Hero Returns: Trailer Released

For Honor Medjay Egyptian Hero Returns: Ubisoft is committed to For Honor and will release additional content again soon. Someone with Egyptian ancestry will be the protagonist.

Ubisoft revealed For Honor’s newest female hero, Medjai, on a Warriors Den Livestream episode. Starting on August 28 and continuing through 2022, it should be played.

To survive the events of Season 6 and Year 2 of Season 6, Bolthorn drew on the potency of the looted relics. Without knowing, he reached out and shook Heathmoor. Neferkha, the last surviving pharaoh’s descendant, sets out from a foreign land to end the curse. Following last year’s Pirate hero, the Medjay becomes the first Egyptian man to join for Honor and the second man overall to join the migratory birds faction.

The Medjay are highly trained warriors who are proficient with two weapons. Anywhere you go, you can use this weapon. The fan ax’s range makes it ideal for group battles, while Medjay’s dual axes give him the upper hand when fighting alone.

For Honor Medjay Egyptian Hero Returns

Date of Medjay Hero’s Release

On October 28, 2022, the Medjay Hero will be available in all versions of For Honor. An $8 bundle containing the new Egyptian Hero, an exclusive ornament, an elite outfit, seven days of champion status, and three scavenger crates will soon be available in the game.

Trailer Released

Medjay Hero – Reveal Trailer | For Honor

Heathmoor suffers under the curse of the ill-gotten Scarab Bracelet, yet hope is not lost.

The Abilities and Gameplay of the Hero Medjay

The Medjay Hero stands out because of his ability to maintain a dual stance. Unlike The Highlander, who is knocked down while in the Offensive Stance, he can freely switch between stances and maintain the stance even when attacked. The Medjay Hero is a master at using his dual-sided fan blades to launch a series of attacks in rapid succession, but this strategy leaves him open to countermeasures. The Medjay Hero offers very little in the way of defense, so he must learn to strike at the right time and not overextend himself. The Egyptian Medjay Hero has a low 130 Health and is relatively weak.

The new Medjay Hero will be made available for gameplay next week, at which point additional details will be released.

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