Filian Face Reveal Wiki 2024 (Name, age, Bio, Net Worth)

Filian Face Reveal – Filian is an internationally-renown virtual Twitch streamer, YouTuber and social media influencer best known for streaming VR Chat on her channel. To date she has amassed over 100,000 followers on the streaming platform.

As we progress forward, here you can discover details about Filian such as her face reveal, age, bio, net worth, wiki, height, weight, ethnicity, boyfriend & family details and more.

About Filian Background

Filian was born to parents of Asian descent, though her exact location and date have never been disclosed. She is very shy therefore not reveal her identity. Filian graduated from a school in her hometown but the name and location remain uncertain; furthermore, little else about Filian’s academic background is known.

She follow the different cultural of world, but we don’t know the identities of her relatives at present. It is likely she won’t discuss them since she hasn’t even revealed her true name yet. As i told you she is very shy therefore never been in a releationship with anyone.

Filian Face Reveal Wiki 2023 (Name, age, Bio, Net Worth)

Filian Face Reveal 2024 Wiki

Filian face reveal is actually a mystery for her die-hard fans. She is an acclaimed virtual streamer, so when broadcasting on Twitch she hides her identity. Many readers want to see her.However she has not upload photo of herself online. Instead, an animated character stands in for her on Twitch streams while streaming.She, like many VTubers, prefers to remain anonymous on the platform. Although many online articles and posts falsely claim a random photo to be of Filian, she has never commented on any of them – making it highly likely they are all fake photos.

Filian Career

In May of 2021, Filian started her streaming job by creating a Twitch channel. She is frequently seen playing VRChat, despite the fact that many VTubers prefer to play other popular video games. She became well-known for streaming that single game. In addition to that, she has broadcasted other games like Beat Saber, Elden Ring, Surgery Simulator, etc. She became a Twitch Partner in October 2021 after a consistent five months of streaming. There were probably 8,000 of her Twitch viewers at the moment.

After that, the number of people who followed her increased rapidly. It took her about nine months to gain 100,000 Twitch viewers. To show her appreciation, she streamed for more than 24 hours straight. She currently has over 152k Twitch viewers. As an added bonus she also has a massive YouTube following. She broadcasts the best moments from her Twitch streams along with short comedic clips. Her YouTube videos quickly racked up millions of views. She has 185k followers and 27m video views at the moment.

Some Unknown Facts About Filian

Facts About Filian
She has yet to unveil her true image.
She shares Reels via her Instagram account which boasts over 10k followers.
A video she posted on Tiktok quickly went viral with over 500k likes within 24 hours.
Snackers HQ, a Discord server with over 10k users, provides snacks to its members.
She boasts over 16k followers on Twitter with more than 70 Tweets directed at her.
Mizkif, the most popular streamer on Twitch, has recently returned to her channel.
She has an affinity for anime.

Who is Filian?

Filian is an enigmatic artist that has gained global acclaim for his unique blend of electronic, pop and rock genres. When performing in public, Filian wears a mask so fans cannot identify him but his music speaks for itself;

Age of Filian

Unfortunately, the exact age of Filian is unknown as his identity remains a mystery. However, fans have speculated that Filian could be anywhere between 25-35 years old.

Filian’s Bio

Filian has kept his real name and personal details private by the artist’s team. There is no public information available about his family background, educational background or early life.

Filian’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Filian’s estimated net worth to be approximately $5 million. This figure is based on sales from music products, merchandise, and concert tours.

FAQ About Filian

What is Filian’s net worth?

By 2024, Filian’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million.

What is Filian’s musical style?

Filian’s music is an eclectic mashup of different genres, such as electronica, pop and rock.

What are Filian’s future plans?

No official announcement has been made about Filian’s future plans, but fans can anticipate new music and collaborations soon.


Filian is an accomplished artist whose music and persona have attracted fans all across the world. Although much remains unclear about Filian, we’ve explored all that we know of him/her including their age, net worth and musical career – yet fans continue to love and admire her unique sound and style for what it is!

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