ffxiv thavnairian onion guide for seed, gardening, price 2023

ffxiv thavnairian onion guide for seed, gardening, price and use 2023 : We’ve created this article to help you explore the FFXIV Thavnairian Onion, its seeds and gardening, prices, and more details. Here, you’ll learn all the details about Thavnairian Onion. It’s a strong flavor that’s appreciated by chocobos. All races do not enjoy it.

ffxiv thavnairian onion guide for seed, gardening, price and use 2021

Within Final Fantasy XIX, Thavnairian Onions are the primary vegetable. The Chocobo is your most reliable friend when you are completing your quests. It is also possible to kill hunt mobs. You could try to get to the top of his level to gain a pocket healer, the pocket tank, or a little more damage. It is essential to give the Chocobo an onion. The Chocobo is at its highest level at 20, and you will need an amount of 10 to finish the Chocobo’s progression. It is crucial to acquire the Thavnairian onion to play the game. Certain companies plant onions for their clients at no cost. Anyone who is a hardworking gardener can cultivate the onions by themselves. The amount of the item is 70.

How To Use Thavnairian Onions?

You may be curious to learn who should make use of these onions. Here you will learn about the use of these onions.

When your choco-buddy is at level 10, they’ll stop gaining points for experience. It is vital to give onions to your Chocobo. No matter if he’s stabled or out in the open world. It can help him earn the experience points needed to reach the level of 11.

Thavnairian Onions Quest Rewards

Here’s the listing of two different quests that can earn these onions in rewards for the game:

  • A stable job to land: When you’ve completed the 50th level of the Main Scenario Quest, you’ll be able to unlock the Ishgardian sidequest, often referred to in the context of Landing A Stable Job. They can be found within the Jeweled Crozier.
  • An HTML0 Hunter’s True Nature: This quest requires a few prerequisites. In this quest, you must finish the three sidequests within The Dravanian Forelands.

How To Grow Thavnairian Onion?

Once you have learned about its uses and the rewards it offers, it is possible that you like to know how you can cultivate these onions. If you’re interested in growing onions but don’t know what to do, follow the steps below:

  • You can crossbreed Krakka Root and mirror apple to produce Curiel Root.
  • It is also possible to crossbreed Almonds in addition to Mandrakes to create Nymeia Lillies.
  • Then, it would be best to crossbred Curiel Root and Nymeia Lillies to harvest Thavnairian onion seed.
  • The next step is to start onions seeds of your own.

Final Fantasy XIV is a delightful massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is full of excitement. Square Enix is the developer and the publisher of this game. The game launched on the 30th of October, 2010. It is accessible on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows platform. There are many things to look into within this Final Fantasy XIV game. It also lets you explore various objects in the game. Additionally, it has basic gameplay.

We have provided all the details regarding the FFXIV Thavnairian onion. Keep an eye on us for more information about these onions. If we get any information about these onions, we’ll become the first ones to update you.


FFXIV Thavnairian onion was the complete information on Thavnairian Onion. We want to close this article with the expectation that you’ve gained the full details on Thavnairian Onions. Should you still have questions regarding this, then contact us via the comment section. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions about this.

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