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Far Cry 6 Review: The FPP Shooting Adventure Game

Far Cry 6 Review: Far Cry has an identity dilemma. Is it a survival narrative or a physics playground with bears and flamethrowers? “A touch of both” is frequently the response, which is OK. Far Cry 6 doesn’t defy that pattern – the flamethrower is still there – but the current iteration manages to smooth over a lot of the series’ flaws, making it the best in years. However, it also skips key steps, notably with its revamped inventory system, which causes new difficulties.

Far Cry 6 Review: Far Cry 6 is set on the fictitious island country of Yara, which is governed by a charming lunatic. Even after so many games, turning red spots on your map blue is still fun, whether by discreetly silencing opposing guards or by shooting bullets and Molotov cocktails at them.

Without real-world influences, Castillo’s government would be too wicked to believe

Far Cry 6 Review: Castillo’s subordinates include a “crazy navy Admiral,” “psychotic air force Captain,” and a “psychotic propaganda director.” Even the more fascinating additions of a North American pharma mogul and Yara’s friendly neighbourhood mad scientist seem familiar compared to Esposito’s Castillo.

Every moment with Esposito’s kid, Diego, is riveting. His father’s notion that noble objectives justify terrible methods produces intense (though one-sided) tension throughout. Castillo stays a memorable opponent until the conclusion of the game, which is a tragedy. The cinematic animation team merits praise for converting Esposito’s performance into digital character models.

Far Cry 6 Review: Esposito creates intriguing situations in each one

Far Cry 6 Review: The tale is predictable, with sudden-but-inevitable betrayals and tragic-yet-motivating character deaths. It balances its sombre primary plot with its hilarious freeform gunplay better than any Far Cry game in recent memory, yet it relies too much on “grizzled-yet-goofy” experienced combatants.

The choice to bring Far Cry to third-person cutscenes is a nice one, particularly if you pick Dani Rojas’ femme version. Thanks to Nisa Gunduz’s sincere performance, she doesn’t feel like a second fiddle to the box art star. Shakira Barrera’s weary rancher–turned–rebel is one of the greatest supporting characters. Similarly, relative newcomer Xavier Lopez succeeds in several poignant moments, and it’s fantastic to have trans characters represented and performed by a trans actor, but Far Cry’s subtlety may be challenging.

Far Cry 6 Review

FC6 aims to be more socially conscious than previous games

Far Cry 6 Review: FC6 strives to be a more socially conscious game than its predecessors, and it does handle certain societal themes, even if the writing stumbles over some of those moments. It’s stuck between a realistic portrayal of Latin American culture and a gonzo interpretation for Western consumers. The setting is a beautiful depiction of South and Central American life, although the screenplay often borders on caricature. Or there’s the Mortal Kombat-like cockfighting minigame. It’s legal in Cuba, but… ugh.

Far Cry 6 Review: I can’t resist a hot-swappable electric buggy-paraglider

Far Cry 6 Review: FC6 takes an inspiration from 2019’s Far Cry: New Dawn by including “Resolver Weapons” and Rides, called after the Cuban tradition of “making do with what you have.” After the 1960s US embargos, the concept emerged. These ramshackle killamajigs vary from a portable EMP cannon to a minigun fashioned from an old motorbike engine that can fire incendiary rounds. A few jury-rigged automobiles may be seen worldwide. They lacked weaponry and armour plating, but their versatile designs made them vital for navigating Yara’s enormous landscape. Plus, I can’t say no to an electric buggy that hot-swaps into a paraglider.

The necessity to constantly shift my inventory was annoying

Far Cry 6 Review: In Far Cry 6, RPG-style skill trees are replaced with armour and weapon customizations. It’s fun to employ the range of gadgets to develop playstyle loadouts for each Supremo, and the quantity of unlocked gadgets gives a lot of variation – from oldies like proximity mines and C4 to new entries like perception grenades, which instantly identify foes (time saver!). Moving perks and benefits to modifications and clothes emphasises FC6’s construction and personalization, even though certain armour enhancements should be permanent. Why do I need a certain hat to accomplish a stealth takedown? Soft-soled shoes and Nomex jackets make sense for quieter mobility and fire resistance, respectively.

This would work well if there was an easy–to–swap loadout system for armour and weapons, but without that (or even just the ability to Favorite an item), the constant need to shuffle my inventory was, at best, a brief dip into a clunky UI and, at worst, a tedious interruption of otherwise enjoyable action.

Far Cry 6 Review: Conclusion

Far Cry 6 Review: Far Cry 6 is the most enjoyable in the franchise in a decade. Its ensemble gives good performances in an appealing plot, even if it’s predictable and doesn’t always hit its major punches. Despite some stumbling new inventory features and weird design decisions, its imaginative weaponry means taking down an outpost, ransacking a convoy, or simply riding with a friend has never felt better.

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