Erica Mena Says that Safaree Samuels leaked his own sex tape

Erica Mena says that Safaree Samuels leaked his own sex tape: Rapper and reality TV star Safaree has threatened legal action after a sex tape purportedly involving him and his girlfriend surfaced online.

Erica Mena Says that Safaree Samuels leaked his own sex tape.

Since yet another sexually explicit video has been leaked onto the internet, legal action is being threatened.

Safaree Samuels Verify that a video that has been going around is of him.

Safaree Samuels came out today (September 12) to confirm that a video that has reportedly been circulating is of him, while it is unclear when this leak was initially reported. It looks like he’s busting out a dance move in the clip. Then, Samuels took to Twitter to name and shame the internet troll(s). No, this is not Juelz Santana’s wife; the other party is allegedly his girlfriend Kimbella.

Safaree Samuels leaked his own sex tape.

In an Instagram post, the Love & Hip Hop star vowed to “take full legal and criminal action.”

To continue, he said, “Whoever did that will have to cover the costs.” I, for one, have no plans to slow down any time soon. We will not let this opportunity pass us by. I intend to take any and all legal action I can in response to this serious cybercrime. “

His ex-wife and fellow reality show star Erica Mena wasted no time in responding with her own brand of shade. “Before this idiot starts to pretend “sue” himself and his paid sex partner, could one of you please remind him to pay the overdue payments that have been piling up on this parenting app for months? I appreciate it. SMH.” After The Neighborhood Talk published a snippet of the chat, a user named Mena commented that she would wager that her ex-partner and the other woman engaged were “both in on it.”

They went through what seemed to be a long and bitter divorce, but both parties are now ready to move on with their lives. Even so, they persist in having intense debates on social media, much to the interest of their followers.

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