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EDI Mass Effect: Enhanced Defense Intelligence (EDI) is the Normandy SR-2’s AI. At first, Joker is suspicious about “her,” saying he can fly the spacecraft on his own. Joker develops a mother bond with EDI at the conclusion of the game. When the Collectors attacked the Normandy SR-2, she took over defences and rescued Joker.

Shepard discovers in Mass Effect 3 that a piece of EDI came from the renegade A.I. he and his squad shut down on Luna in Mass Effect 1.

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EDI Mass Effect

EDI Mass Effect
First Appearance Mass Effect 2
RaceNone – AI
Voiced ByTricia Helfer

EDI In Mass Effect 3

After Dr. Eva is destroyed on Priority: Mars, EDI takes control of Dr. Eva’s artificial body in Mass Effect 3.

In the game, Shepard cannot fall in love with EDI. However, based on Shepard’s decisions in discussion, EDI may choose to pursue a relationship with Joker:

  • Early on in the game, speak with EDI and Joker in the Presidium Commons.
  • Later in the game, speak with EDI and Joker in Purgatory.

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