Dragon Quest Tact Tier List (April 2024)

Dragon Quest Tactics: A Tier List As of its global debut over two years ago, Dragon Quest Tact, a turn-based SRPG starring the wacky animals from one of Japan’s most classic JRPG series, had been available for nearly a year. When it comes to GACHA games, this one holds its own, and there are plenty of monsters and playable characters to collect and level up. There is also, not surprisingly, a lot of talk about rankings. I was wondering, what are some of the best Dragon Quest Tact monsters? We need to have a conversation about this.

Dragon Quest Tact A Tier List

About Dragon Quest Tact Reroll

Currently, Killing Machine SP Scout has infinite tries, allowing you to claim the flag without retrying. Alternate banners can be rerolled in Dragon Quest Tact, albeit slowly. Check out the guidelines below if you stumbled upon a weak monster.

  • First, fire up Dragon Quest Tactics and work your way through the introduction.
  • The Scout Tutorial will start after the first episode of Chapter 2 is finished.
  • Visit your gift box and click “claim all” once the tutorial is complete.
  • Invest your game currency on scouts using gems or tickets.
  • Did you get the best top-tier monster possible? You may keep playing without resetting the dice.
  • Instead, you have a mediocre monster from a lower rank. You will need to clear the game’s data from your mobile device and launch it again.
  • Then, if you want the best monster possible, then keep doing this over and over!

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List (April 2024)

Units that are near-locks to make any endgame party are placed in Tier 2 (A). They can adapt to any situation and hold their own against adversaries of any level.

Nobody in this bunch is a bad choice if you need a top-notch team member. They may not be as potent as the S-tier monsters, but they’ll nonetheless help you immensely on your path to success.

  • Ewwnicorn
  • Slimecicle
  • Cosmic Chimaera
  • Bone Baron
  • Dark Skeleton
  • Axesaurus
  • Striking Sabrecat
  • Living Statue
  • Boreal Serpent
  • Dragon Zombie
  • Devilmouth
  • Lime Slime
  • Hellion, Lethal Armour
  • Gigantes
  • Slimeshroom
  • Silvapithecus
  • Handsome Crab
  • Wyrtoise
  • Boss Troll

Dragon Quest Tact B Tier List

Units that are good but not great fall into the B tier, the middle of the quality scale. Even if they can’t compete with the most powerful monsters, they are nonetheless useful members of any squad. You can’t go wrong with any of these monsters if you’re seeking for a reliable unit to fill out your roster.

  • Orc Chieftain
  • Raving Lunatick
  • Knight Abhorrent
  • Stone Golem
  • Lemon Slime
  • Hades Condor
  • Tearwolf
  • Bad Karmour
  • Skeleton Soldier
  • Dragurn
  • Gargoyle
  • Drohl Drone
  • Wharfhorse
  • Cyber Slime

Dragon Quest Tact C Tier List

The absolute worst units fall into the fourth and final category C. Even while they have their place, you should only employ them if absolutely necessary because they aren’t as effective as the other units. You should never, ever use these creatures if you care about winning.

  • Mushroom Mage
  • Bodkin Feather
  • Clawcerer
  • Mandrake Mercenary
  • Shadow
  • Buffalo Wing
  • Minidemon
  • Mud Mannequin
  • Lips, Man o’ War
  • Salamander Fry
  • Mummy Boy
  • Fightgeist
  • Angel Slime

Tactical Re-Rolling Guide for Dragon Quest

Since rerolling is so simple in Dragon Quest Tact, it’s recommended that you do so until you obtain the strongest monsters. To reroll, follow these steps.

  • The first thing to do is to launch the game.
  • The second step is to finish the instruction.
  • Third, wrap up Scout’s introductory chapter and episode.
  • Proceed to the fourth step, which is to open the wrapping paper.
  • Fifth, make a full claim so that you can put all of your gems and tickets into the scout.
  • Clearing up your game’s save file is the sixth step.
  • The seventh stage is to start the game over.
  • Eighth, if you are still unable to achieve your goal after trying the aforementioned methods, try again.


Using this Dragon Quest Tact Tier List post, I believe you will be able to select the most effective monsters with ease. Check back often as we’ll be updating our Dragon Quest Tact tier list as more information becomes available to help you build the best possible team.

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