Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool (all versions)

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool: Android developers already familiar with adb and fastboot commands. But without compatible drivers on your PC, those commands won’t work. That is why many middle users utilizing these adb commands for rooting or flashing firmware don’t require Android Studio to make it work.

Other options for platform tools may require more than 50MB and require complex configuration compared to this minimal adb and fastboot method. Installing drivers should be straight forward; just plug them in without messing around with USB Port settings or System Configurations. When testing applications or something similar, other tools will be necessary; when rooting and flashing firmware it works just as well with this minimal approach.

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool (all versions)

Minimal Download ADB and Fastboot Tool

The Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool for Windows computers is an invaluable program that enables users to install the most up-to-date ADB/Fastboot files without needing the full Android SDK package. Installing ADB / Fastboot on your system has never been simpler; simply choose which files you’d like with just a few clicks using this lightweight program and create desktop shortcuts for fast access. Minimal Adb and FASboot allows easy updating of both ABD/FAB Boot files without ever needing the full Android SDK package – eliminating manual installations!

What Is ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

ADB, commonly referred to as the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), allows you to establish a secure link (bridge) between your phone and PC for easy tweaks at both device and app levels. Once this connection has been made, various changes such as uninstalling unwanted applications from devices, pulling or pushing files and over-the-air installation with The Sideload function are all made possible with ADB. Techies take it one step further by running complex commands directly on devices giving them fuller control over their computers than ever before.

What Is Fastboot?

Fastboot is an innovative system of functions which doesn’t require your device to boot into Android OS; instead, they utilize Bootloader or Fastboot menus, which are used by authorities for unlocking bootloaders on an Android phone. Fastboot commands enable rapid and effortless boot up of an Android phone’s system without USB Debugging capabilities.

Other uses for the Android SDK Platform Tool include booting your device using TWRP Recovery and flashing/booting various ZIPs and IMGs files such as Magisk ZIP or TWRP.img to name just two examples. Your PC won’t recognize your device while in fastboot mode without proper drivers installed; that’s where using it comes into play; simply install, open it via CMD or PowerShell window, and run any desired Fastboot Commands!

Benefits from ADB and Fastboot tools

  • Compatible with any Android device. Compatible with all Android
  • It runs on Windows or Mac platforms. It runs on both Windows and Mac
  • Install Custom ROM
  • Flash Custom Recovery
  • Can you install Root
  • Unlock or Relock the device bootloader
  • Eliminate bloatware from your phone

Readme: How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows, Linux & MAC

Download MinimalADB and Fastboot Tool

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool (all versions)

All ADB Commands

To launch ADB, start the Command Prompt (CMD), enter commands to access the folder where you extracted Platform Tools, and launch adb.exe from there. Don’t forget to add “adb” before each ADB command when running them on a terminal; for instance, “reboot” becomes “adb reboot”.

reboot bootloaderReboots Android device in bootloader mode
rebootReboots Android phone in normal mode
pushMoves a file from the local system to an Android phone’s location
devicesDisplays all connected ADB compatible devices
pullMoves a file from Android to your PC
installInstalls an app from your system’s .apk file location to your Android device
connectUse ADB commands over Wi-Fi Network
backupBacks up the Android device
shell screencapCaptures a screenshot of the device
sideload filePush the file to your mobile device and Install it.

Fastboot Commands

Fastboot is installed alongside ADB when you extract the ZIP file. This enables you to run commands on an Android device in bootloader mode, though there are other methods for doing so – using Fastboot being one of them. Furthermore, Fastboot can unlock an Android device’s bootloader so that a custom system file can be installed.

Before Fastboot commands can be executed on an Android device, the developer must first enable “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging. Fastboot commands will only function while in mobile fastboot mode; key combinations for booting your mobile into fastboot may vary depending on the manufacturer.

oem lockRe-locks the bootloader of an unlocked device
devicesShows the serial number of a connected Android device
flash recoveryFlash the specified file from PC to the connected Android device
boot recoveryBoot the specified file from PC on the connected Android device
oem unlockUnlock the bootloader of the connected Android device

Note: When executing these commands on the terminal, make sure to add “fastboot” before every command. For example: “devices > fastboot devices”.

Readme Once:

  • How to Install: If you want to learn How to install download adb fastboot on your Windows Computer.
  • The installation package works for both Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit computer (including windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10).
  • If you are trying to install the old version of minimal adb and fastboot then you might face compatibility error, so try to install the latest version only.
  • Firstly install the proper usb driver for your device then after install the minimal adb and fastboot tool on your computer (as because minimal adb and fastboot will only able to detect your device if the device driver is installed properly).
  • You can also learn how to setup adb and fastboot drivers using the android sdk package.

Credits: Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool is created by shimp208 (xda developer). So, full credits goes to the developer for the tool.


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