Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail July 2024

Lucario’s design is inspired by Egyptian god Anubis, who transforms him into a dog Pokemon. However, one thing missing from Lucario to truly be the ideal Pokemon dog is an animal-like appearance.

Pokemon takes place in a world filled with dragons and legendary animals, drawing inspiration from these mythical creatures in its design. As part of its ongoing franchise, many Pokemon dogs have been released over time – each unique in design and power. The Pokemon Company clearly loves their best friend very much as numerous dog Pokemons have been released over time.


Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail

Working with dogs of all breeds and designs is possible; in fact, there’s even a generation devoted to different varieties. Many dogs consider Pokemon their “best friend”, and there are multiple dog parties with all kinds of types – from fire type to dark type and fairy type – available.

Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail 2024 1

We decided to classify dogs based on appearance, with Houndoom taking top honors. He was one of the first Pokemon in his family to gain Mega Evolved dual-type natures.

Are you an arcane enthusiast who needs to stay abreast of the Pokemon world’s remarkable puppies or just a new fan wanting a companion for their experience, this collection allows you to choose the ideal dog-style monster for celebration. I researched and combed through every Pokemon in Canidae family to bring you our list of pocket monsters – some rare gems for Pokemon Go players! Our list is sure to delight any Pokemon Go player’s heart!


In my article from the Cat Pokemon series, I identified Raikou members as possible cats due to their saber-toothed tigers’ appearances. Although hyenas are not technically classified as dog Pokemon, many would discuss dog ownership for these guys. In Legendary Pokemon Generation II, Suicune is a member of what’s commonly referred to as “The Legendary Beast Trio.”


Growlithe, the original Pokemon introduced to the franchise, was inspired by pet dogs and a Fire Pokemon with an orange coat with black stripes. This second-generation Legendary Dog has been described as embodying magma’s passion – whatever that means. Many cultures in Pokemon world believe that every time this iconic canine roars, volcanoes erupt.

Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail 2024 2

Once Braixen reaches level 36, it has the opportunity to evolve into Delphox, a fiery and psychic fox Pokemon. According to Pokedex, Delphix can create an intense 5,400 degree vortex with its psychic ability which it can use to burn opponents. As a dual Pokemon, Delphix is especially vulnerable to ghost, dark, ground, water, and rock-like movements.


Yammer, an electric dog Pokemon, made his debut in Generation VIII of the Pokemon games. As a puppy, Yammer can’t control his power yet; however we can observe sparks of electricity when he walks around. Show Sources

Reading Granbull’s Pokedex entry is fascinating because you discover that this fairy-like dog Pokemon, with a mean face, is actually shy and sensitive – making him an ineffective watchdog. His lower jaw is heavy which explains why he doesn’t slouch when facing danger. Additionally, dark dogs mentioned in the entry indicate they travel together in packs in the wild and obey their strong trainer.

Smeargle (also known as Painter Pokemon) is a two-legged pooch-like animal that can create stunning artwork with her tail. She paints with liquid excreted from her tail to indicate where it lands and changes colors depending on who it’s attached to.


Once Manectric reaches Level 18, it has the opportunity to evolve into a medieval dark fox Pokemon with all of the same abilities and weaknesses as its pre-evolved form. He’s clever agile and an excellent rival of Boltund from Generation VIII – another canine Pokemon. We bred him from a Level 1 egg so Manectric could learn a fiery attack for himself.

The Pokedex describes Absol as a puppy, yet his characteristics are more closely aligned with dogs – leading us to assume it’s actually a Pokemon dog. It appears likely that Absol was created during development to mimic the legendary Chinese animal Bai Ze Barghest, though we cannot be certain for certain.

Smeargle (Painter Pokemon) is a two legged doggy like creature that paints beautiful artwork on its tail with excreted fluid from his tail. He does this by marking his territory with different colored smears.

With the addition of Snubbul in Generation II, I was initially baffled as to why there was a so-called fairy Pokemon on the Pokedex when it was actually just a pink dog. However, since they changed its type with Fairy in Generation II, my appreciation has grown significantly.

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