Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail March 2023


Lucario’s design is based on the Egyptian god Anubis, who turns him into a dog Pokemon. The only thing Lucario lacks to be the perfect Pokemon dog is to look like a dog. 

Pokemon takes place in a world filled with dragons and fabled animals and uses animal references in its design. The franchise has given us many Pokemon dogs, each of which has its design and ability. The Pokemon Company loves their best friend very much, as numerous dog Pokemons have been released over the years.


Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail 2021 2

You can work with many breeds, and you have a whole generation dedicated to different breeds of dogs of all kinds with different designs. Many dogs like Pokemon because they are known to be man’s best friend. There are several dog parties with a wide range of types, from fire type to dark type to fairy type. 

Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail 2021 1

We decided to classify the dogs according to their appearance, and the Houndoom family takes first place. Houndoom was one of the first dog Pokemon in the family to acquire Mega Evolved dual-type natures.

Whether you are an arcane lover who needs to keep up with the exceptional puppies of the Pokemon worlds or just a new fan who wants a companion for your own experience, this collection allows you to choose the ideal dog-style monster for your celebration. I researched and combed through the entire official Pokedex to find every Pokemon in the Canidae family. Our list of dogs is a pocket monster that is breaking new ground for Pokemon Go players.  



In my article from the Cat Pokemon series, I listed Raikou members as possible cats because of their unmistakable appearance as saber-toothed tigers. Although hyenas are not technically qualified as dog Pokemon, there are not many who would discuss the dog ownership of these guys. In Legendary Pokemon Generation II, Suicune is a member of the Legendary Beast Trio, as they are often called. 


Growlithe, the first Pokemon to be introduced to the franchise, is inspired by pet dogs and a Pokemon Fire Pokemon in an orange coat with black stripes. The fiery second-generation Legendary Dog has been described as the embodiment of the passion of magma, whatever that means. Several cultures in the Pokemon world believe that every time the iconic dog roars, volcanoes erupt. 

Every dog Pokemon Full Listed & Detail 2021

Once it reaches level 36, Braixen has the opportunity to evolve into Delphox, a fiery and psychic fox Pokemon. Delphix can create a dynamic 5,400-degree vortex with its psychic ability that it can use to burn its opponents, according to Pokedex. As a dual Pokemon, it has a particular susceptibility to ghost, dark, ground, water, and rock-like movements.   



Yammer, an electric dog Pokemon, was introduced in Generation VIII of Pokemon games. Yammer is a puppy and cannot control his power, but we can see sparks of electricity when he walks around. Show Sources

Reading Granbull’s Pokedex entry is interesting because you learn that the fairy-like dog Pokemon, a mean face, is a shy and sensitive creature that makes up a poor watchdog. The lower jaw is heavy, which is why Granbull is not a slouch. Dark dogs in the Pokedex entry point out that they travel in packs in the wild and obey the strong trainer. 

Smeargle, also known as Painter Pokemon, is a two-legged, pooch-like animal that can paint unique works of art with its tail. She paints with a liquid excreted from her tail to indicate where it lands, and in a different color depending on the person she is on. 


When the ticket reaches level 18, it has the chance to transform into a medieval dark fox Pokemon with the same abilities and weaknesses as its pre-evolved form. Clever and supple in the wild, he is a natural rival to the well-known Boltund from Generation VIII, another canine Pokemon. We bred him to hatch from a Level 1 egg, and Manectric learned a fiery move.    

The Pokedex describes him as a puppy, but he shares most of his characteristics with dogs, so we can assume it’s a dog Pokemon. It seems likely that Absol is a Pokemon dog designed during development and based on the mythical Chinese animal Bai Ze Barghest, the legendary monstrous dog, but we can’t say for sure. 

Smeargle, also known as Painter Pokemon, is a two-legged, doggy-like creature that can paint beautiful artwork on its tail. To do this, he uses the fluid excreted from his tail to mark his territory with a different color depending on the individual smears.  

With the addition of Snubbul in Generation II, I was a bit confused as to why there was a so-called fairy Pokemon on the Pokedex when it was a pink dog. However, I have come to appreciate it significantly since they changed its type in the new version in Fairy. 


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