Dead Space Remake Release Time and Preloading Details

Dead Space Remake Preloading: Visceral Games and Electronic Arts sell the survivor horror Dead Space series. In 2008’s first game, inventor Isaac Clarke investigates a mining ship in deep space invaded by the Necromorphs. The intense mood and violent violence of the game combine battle, puzzle-solving, and travel. The series has three games, with Dead Space 3 launched in 2013.

About Dead Space

Isaac Clarke, an engineer, investigates a mining ship in deep space invaded by the Necromorphs in Dead Space, a survival horror video game series. Humanity has inhabited the stars and uses superior technology in the game series. Combat, puzzles, and travel dominate the games’ heated mood and violent violence.

Dead Space Remake Release Time and Preloading Details

Dead Space, the first game in the series, was launched in 2008 and praised for its terror aspects, furious action, and engaging narrative. Players must “strategic dismember” Necromorphs to beat them.

After three years, Dead Space 2 was launched in 2011. It added online and zero-gravity segments. In 2013, Dead Space 3 added a Tau Volantis option and a co-op game.

Spin-offs include books, cartoon films, and mobile apps. Critics and players lauded the series as one of the best survivor horror games.

Dead Space Global Release Times

Dead Space will unlock at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on March 27. In Australia, which exists slightly in the future, the game will unlock that side from 3 AM AEDT on March 28.

March 27

  • 8 AM PT
  • 10 AM CST
  • 11 AM ET
  • 1 PM BST
  • 4 PM GMT
  • 5 PM CET
  • 6 PM CAT
  • 8 PM GST

March 28

  • 12 AM CST
  • 12 AM HKT
  • 1 AM JST
  • 3 AM AEDT

Dead Space Remake Release Preloading Details

Pre-order bonuses for Dead Space are limited. Actually, the single pre-order offer is exclusive to Steam users. When you pre-order Dead Space 2 on Steam, you’ll receive the game for free, a $20 value. There is no other platform where you may take advantage of this deal, unfortunately.

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