CS2 Weapon Tier List (March 2024) New List

CS2 Weapon Tier List (March 2024): Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is an exciting first-person shooter game where teams of players compete to either plant or defuse bombs, and choosing the appropriate weapons for this battleground game is key for their success as each weapon possesses different strengths and weaknesses.

This blog post will present a comprehensive tier list of the best weapons in CS2, taking into consideration their overall performance, versatility, and price.

CS2 Weapon Tier List

S-Tier: CS2 Weapon Tier List

S-Tier weapons are some of the finest available and should be included in every player’s loadout whenever possible. The AK-47 and M4A4 rifles are two popular choices in CS2, and for good reason: their versatility can make them highly useful in many different situations. In particular, their popularity among combat shooters makes them indispensable weapons that should not be missed! AWPs offer one-shot kill capability at long range while cheaper Scout models still deliver devastating headshot damage at close quarters.

  • AK-47
  • AWP
  • M4A4
  • M4A1-S
  • SSG 08 (Scout)

A-Tier: CS2 Weapon Tier List

A-Tier weapons are all effective choices, but require more precise targeting or strategic positioning for maximum impact. Rifles like AUG and SG553 can be used effectively at long range, while G3SG1 and SCAR-20 sniper rifles costing less but providing less damage or range than their more expensive AWP counterpart. Meanwhile Desert Eagle and Dual Beretta pistols can quickly take down enemies at close range.

  • AUG
  • G3SG1
  • SCAR-20
  • Desert Eagle
  • Dual Berettas
  • SG553

B-Tier: CS2 Weapon Tier List

B-Tier weapons are all viable options, though not as powerful or versatile as S-Tier and A-Tier weapons. The UMP-45 SMG excels at close range combat while Glock-18 and MP7 pistols can quickly take down enemies nearby while MP5-SD and P250 provide more accurate firepower that’s better suited for longer range combat. Finally, shotguns such as MAC-10/MAG-7 offer close range effectiveness without as many features.

  • UMP-45
  • Glock-18
  • MP7
  • MP5-SD
  • P250
  • USP-S
  • MAC-10
  • MAG-7
  • G3SG1

C-Tier: CS2 Weapon Tier List

C-Tier weapons should only be employed in specific circumstances. Heavy machine guns like the M249 and Negev are ideal for suppressing enemy fire; however, their weight and slow firing rate limit their utility in certain instances. Nova and Sawed-Off shotguns offer close range effectiveness; however they lack versatility compared to more versatile SMGs/shotguns.

  • M249
  • Negev
  • Nova
  • Sawed-Off

D-Tier: CS2 Weapon Tier List

D-Tier weapons include the Zeus x27 Taser which should only be used as a last resort and only stun enemies. Its effectiveness should only be relied upon if necessary.

  • Zeus x27

Important to keep in mind is this tier list serves only as a general guideline. Your best weapon depends entirely on your playstyle and situation – for instance if you prefer long-range engagements like on maps with many long range engagements then perhaps an AWP would be ideal; on closer-range maps where there are numerous short range engagements then perhaps shotgun or SMG would work better.

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