Bretman Rock Net Worth 2023: Bio, Personal Life, and Career

Bretman Rock Net Worth 2023: Bretman Rock, born on July 31, 1998, is a social media personality in the United States, as well as a YouTuber and influencer with an estimated net worth of $2 million. As one of the most well-known social media stars, whose creative work has touched the hearts of all viewers, In his own words, he’s an example of someone who become a millionaire through social media by using it wisely. As a result of his remarkable ability, he makes $300,000 a year.

Bretman Rock Net Worth & Personal Life

Currently residing in the Philippines, Bretman Rock’s parents are Filipino. When he was a child, his parents divorced. He started living with his mother and sister in Hawaii, and the three of them moved there. Vlogs are a big part of his and his sister’s lives. When Bretman was a child, he began to show an interest in other men rather than girls. His parents were supportive of his decisions and never criticized him for them.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

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But unlike his parents, he got a lot of criticism at school, which he was able to deal with. People made fun of him for being gay, but he was always open about it and never tried to hide it. Campbell High School was the last place he went to school. Since he was in elementary school, he has been very interested in makeup. It eventually became his job and brought him a lot of money, fame, and stardom.

Bretman is currently unattached, and there is no proof that he is related to anyone. He is currently single. He is putting in all of his effort and potential because he is so focused on his career.

The Biography of Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Sacayanan was born in the Philippines in July 1998. He is better known as Bretman Rock. His father loved wrestling and gave him the names of two of his favorite wrestlers. The Hitman (Bret Hart) and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) helped come up with the name The Rock (Bretman Rock).

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He makes his living as a cosmetic artist, YouTuber, vlogger, and model, all of which he does from his home in the Philippines. Even though he was born in the Philippines, his parents split when he was a child. Consequently, he and his family migrated to Hawaii with his mother and sister.

Bretman is one of the top beauty vloggers in the market because he is witty, feisty, caustic, and has great makeup abilities.

On September 23, 2012, when he was fourteen years old, he launched his YouTube channel for the first time. By this point, he had become a social media sensation for his makeup suggestions and funny antics on Instagram. According to Bretman’s October 2020 subscription count, his videos have been seen by more than 400 million people.

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What is Bretman Rock’s net worth?

Real Name:Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga
Net Worth:$2 Million
Country:United States
Born:July 31, 1998
Salary:$300,000 (Annual)
Last Updated:2022

Bretman Rock Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022$2 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1.2 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1 Million
Net Worth in 2019$0.8 Million
Net Worth in 2018$0.5 Million

Bretman’s Rock Career

Bretman got his start in the video game industry by putting up videos on his personal YouTube channel. He was a lifelong fan of cosmetics. When he was a teenager, he was inspired by makeup artists like Patrick Starrr and Talia Joy. Thus, he turned to social media as the principal means of promoting himself around the world. On September 23, 2012, at the age of 14, he began his YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, his cosmetic tutorial videos went viral on Instagram, and he gained a lot of fans in the process. He wasn’t just a well-known face on Instagram; he was also the undisputed king of Vine, thanks to his witty and engaging content.

What does Bretman Rock’s do for a living?

Bretman Rock is a makeup artist, YouTuber, and Internet personality.

How much does Bretman Rock make per 1000 views?

Bretman Rock earns $1.21 for every 1000 views. He presently has over 8.83 million subscribers.

When did Bretman start youtube?

On September 23, 2012, Bretman Rock launched his YouTube channel.

What is the real name of Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock Sacayanan is his real name, which his father gave him.

Is Bretman in a relationship?

He isn’t, no. His relationship status is single, and no evidence exists to suggest that he is related to anyone

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