Bloodline heroes of lithas codes (April 2024): Latest Codes

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes: Multiplayer combat RPG Bloodline Heroes of Lithas (RPG). Players can choose from several heroes with unique powers and skills. PvP and cooperative online games let players beat strong foes and finish difficult tasks.

Dark fantasy monsters and old secrets populate the game world. Gamers can upgrade their heroes with guns, armour, and other gear. Mobile devices can play the game online or offline.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes

Redeem CodeRewards
BLDTURKEYExclusive rewards
BLDRETURNExclusive rewards
BLD500KMultiple free rewards
BLDDC10KMultiple free rewards
BLD777Some coins and diamonds
BLDHOL1Multiple free rewards
BLDSAROS3 Summoning Crystals, 5 Challenge Tickets, 500 Diamonds, and 100k Gold

Expired codes:

Redeem CodeRewards
BLDBLOSSOM6 Summoning Crystals, 10 Challenge Tickets, Diamonds, and Gold
BLD20231 hour Gold Boost, 10 minutes Gold Boost, and 300 Diamonds
BLDCHRISTMAS3 Summoning Crystals, 3 Challenge Tokens, 500 Gems, and 100,000 Gold
BLDHARVEST3 Summoning Crystals, 5 Challenge Tickets, 500 Gems, and 100,000 Gold
BLDHOL2100 Diamonds, 100,000 Gold, and x20 Love Pack
BLD623100 Diamonds, 100,000 Gold, 2-Champion Token
BLDGOLD10 Minute Bonus Gold Booster, 1 Hour Bonus Gold Booster, 200 Diamonds
BLDCOCREATE20 Love Pack, 100,000 Gold, 200 Diamonds

How do you use codes for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas?

To redeem a coupons for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Tap on the Store icon
  3. Select Redeem.
  4. Enter your code and tap Redeem to redeem it.

The prize will be given if the code is valid. If you have problems, call game help.


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