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Bioshock Door Codes (June 2023): Get All New Codes


Are you in search of Bioshock Door Codes? Look no further – in this post we will give you all of the working Bioshock Door Codes to assist in your gameplay.

BioShock is an extraordinary shooter game that provides players with never-before-seen weapons and tactics. You have access to a diverse selection of weapon from basic revolvers to chemical throwers and grenade launchers. But to become even more formidable in battle, you must genetically upgrade your in-game DNA for even greater power.

By injecting plasmids, you will gain superhuman abilities such as blasting electrical charges into the water to take out multiple opponents or freezing them solid and using a wrench to smash them apart.


Now let us dive right in with the list of Bioshock 1 Door Codes

Bioshock Door Codes 2023

  • Medical Pavilion, Twilight Fields Funeral Homes (0451)
  • Neptune Bounty, Lower Wharf (5380)
  • Neptune Bounty, The Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern (7533)
  • Arcadia, Langford Research Laboratories (9457)
  • Farmer Market, The Main Market (0512)
  • Fort Frolic, Robertson’s Tobaccoria (7774)
  • Hephaestus, Workshops (0126)
  • Olympus Heights, Mercury Suites (5744)
  • Point Prometheus, Failsafe Armored Escorts (1921)
  • Rapture Grand Carnival, Stalls (Challenge Room) (1951)
Bioshock Door Codes 2023

How to Redeem Bioshock Door Code?

To redeem a BioShock door code, please follow these steps:

  • Locate the door in the game that requires a code to open.
  • Look for this code, which may be written on paper, on walls or recorded audio log.
  • Go to the “Options” part of your game’s menu by opening it.
  • Scroll down under “Gameplay” until you see “Enable Developer Console.” Put it in the “Yes” position if it isn’t already.
  • Save your changes and exit out of the menu by pressing on your keyboard for access to developer console.
  • Type in “giveitem [code]” without quotes, replacing [code] with the actual code you found.
  • The object linked to that code will be added to your inventory once you press the Enter key.

Note that this method may not work in all versions of BioShock and could potentially disable achievements. The best approach to finding the code in a game is through exploration and puzzle-solving – rather than relying on cheats or console commands.

What Lies Behind Each Bioshock Door?

BioShock features numerous doors leading to different areas and levels within the game. Each one holds something special that can be vital for progressing further along in the narrative. Here is a brief breakdown of what lies behind some of these doors in BioShock:

  • Neptune’s Bounty: Behind this door lies the entrance to Fontaine Fisheries, a key location in the game.
  • Arcadia: Enter this doorway into a lush and tranquil garden area, complete with waterfalls and abundant wildlife.
  • Fort Frolic: This door leads to a vibrant and artistic district where players will meet the eccentric yet dangerous artist Sander Cohen.
  • Hephaestus: This door leads to the main industrial complex in the game, where players will encounter numerous dangers and ultimately face off against its main antagonist.
  • Olympus Heights: Players will enter the upper class district of Rapture’s underwater city, Olympus Heights. Here they’ll meet key characters and experience memorable story moments.

Overall, each door in BioShock holds something special and essential to the game’s story and progression.



BioShock door codes are a vital aspect of the game that grant players access to new areas and obtain valuable item. While using console command to redeem these codes is possible it is recommended that player try searching through exploration and puzzle solving instead as this add an immersive element to the experience. Furthermore using console command may disable achievement or not work in all version of the game. By taking time out to search for and redeem BioShock door codes through gameplay player can fully immerse themselves in Rapture world while enjoying it as intended: by taking time out to explore and redeem through gameplay alone

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