Bioshock Door Codes (April 2024): Get All New Codes

Are you in search of Bioshock Door Codes? Look no further – in this post we will give you all of the working Bioshock Door Codes to assist in your gameplay.

BioShock is an extraordinary shooter game that provides players with never-before-seen weapons and tactics. You have access to a diverse selection of weapon from basic revolvers to chemical throwers and grenade launchers. But to become even more formidable in battle, you must genetically upgrade your in-game DNA for even greater power.

By injecting plasmids, you will gain superhuman abilities such as blasting electrical charges into the water to take out multiple opponents or freezing them solid and using a wrench to smash them apart.

Now let us dive right in with the list of Bioshock 1 Door Codes

Bioshock Door Codes 2024

LocationEstablishmentPhone Number
Medical PavilionTwilight Fields Funeral Homes (0451)0451
Neptune BountyLower Wharf5380
Neptune BountyThe Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern (7533)7533
ArcadiaLangford Research Laboratories (9457)9457
Farmer MarketThe Main Market (0512)0512
Fort FrolicRobertson’s Tobaccoria (7774)7774
HephaestusWorkshops (0126)0126
Olympus HeightsMercury Suites (5744)5744
Point PrometheusFailsafe Armored Escorts (1921)1921
Rapture Grand CarnivalStalls (Challenge Room) (1951)1951
Bioshock Door Codes 2023

How to Redeem Bioshock Door Code?

To redeem a BioShock door code, please follow these steps:

  • Locate the door in the game that requires a code to open.
  • Look for this code, which may be written on paper, on walls or recorded audio log.
  • Go to the “Options” part of your game’s menu by opening it.
  • Scroll down under “Gameplay” until you see “Enable Developer Console.” Put it in the “Yes” position if it isn’t already.
  • Save your changes and exit out of the menu by pressing on your keyboard for access to developer console.
  • Type in “giveitem [code]” without quotes, replacing [code] with the actual code you found.
  • The object linked to that code will be added to your inventory once you press the Enter key.

Note that this method may not work in all versions of BioShock and could potentially disable achievements. The best approach to finding the code in a game is through exploration and puzzle-solving – rather than relying on cheats or console commands.

What Lies Behind Each Bioshock Door?

Here is a breakdown of what lies beyond some doors in BioShock: Here.

  • Neptune’s Bounty: Behind this door stands Fontaine Fisheries – one of the key locations within the game.
  • Arcadia: Step into this doorway into an idyllic garden area filled with tranquil gardens, waterfalls and abundant wildlife.
  • Fort Frolic: Players entering this door will discover an active, artistic district where they meet eccentric yet dangerous artist Sander Cohen.
  • Hephaestus: This door leads directly into the main industrial complex in the game where players will encounter numerous dangers before confronting its main antagonist.
  • Olympus Heights: Players will enter Rapture’s underwater city Olympus Heights for an upper class experience and exciting story moments. Here they’ll meet key characters as well as experience memorable story moments!
  • Overall, every door in BioShock holds something significant that contributes to its story and development.


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BioShock door codes are an integral component of BioShock that grant access to new areas and items of value in Rapture world. While using console commands can help redeem BioShock door codes, exploring and puzzle solving may bring out more enjoyment during gameplay and may disable achievements or be limited in all version of Rapture game compared with taking time out to explore and redeem using gameplay alone. By making time to discover and redeem through gameplay alone players will fully experience Rapture world just how it was meant: by exploring and redeeming through gameplay alone.

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