Best Anime Rats: 7 Anime Rats You Must Know

Best Anime Rats: Adorable animals are a hallmark in anime, particularly storylines that include small creatures. Rats are among the cutest anime characters, alongside cats and dogs. In reality, several anime include rats and rodents as key characters.
Among the most famous and recognisable rats in anime include a video game mascot, the hamster hero of a children’s anime, the leader of a group of YOLO rats, and an adult-themed housekeeping rat. How did these classic anime rats make an impression as characters?

7. Dai – Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri

Best Anime Rats: Spellbound! is no exception. Princess Lilpri is one. Ringo, Leila, and Natsuki are selected by mystical Ma-Pets to become the Queen of Fairyland’s Princess Idols to preserve Fairyland. Fairyland and all fairy tales will disappear if Ringo and her companions can’t acquire Happiness Notes via music.

Ma-Pets, mystical creatures, guide Princess Idols. Leila’s responsible Dai is unlike other Ma-Pets. Dai is regularly likened to a squirrel because of his bushy dormouse tail. Dai is a role model for viewers because he reminds Leila of her goals and obligations as Princess Idol.

6. Hamsuke – Overlord

When Momonga of Overworld is stuck in a supposedly-closed VR MMO called YGGDRASIL, he must use his extraordinary talents to reconstitute his guild Darkness and discover the secrets of his nature as a captive gamer. Hamsuke, a huge hamster, joined Momonga’s guild.

For a monster of Level 30, Hamsuke moves quite swiftly. Hamsuke is a pompous and arrogant huge hamster that wants to maintain her heritage. Throughout the course of the anime, Hamsuke remains faithful to Momonga and eager to assist him in his endeavours.

5. Regent – Yankee Hamster

Best Anime Rats: Yankee Hamster is a 2013 anime with 110 episodes that ended in 2018. Regent, Mohak, and Kohai play hamsters who do anything they want.
Regent’s open, forthright, bold approach makes him an entertaining character. Regent is the hamsters’ “boss” in this slice-of-life cartoon. Yankee Hamster’s adventurous voyage is defined by Regent’s YOLO attitude.

Best Anime Rats

4. Ebichu – Oruchuban Ebichu

Oruchuban’s Ebichu A rat plays the lead role in the adult series Ebichu. Ebichu is a cleaner hamster in this adult anime series who serves Office Lady. Cynical OL is angry and easily annoyed, abusing Ebichu whenever he embarrasses her in front of her friends and in other circumstances.

Ebichu takes these comic beatings the wrong way and sometimes with pride. Much of his mishaps include “fixing” OL’s strange life choices, to her displeasure. The anime’s brutality, adult themes, and dark humour are contrasted with Ebichu’s charming style.

3. Hamtaro – Hamtaro

Best Anime Rats: Hamtaro is a rat despite his fat look since he’s a hamster. In his 1997 tales, Hamtaro regularly leaves his 10-year-old owner, Hiroko Haruna, to find new companions.
The series focuses on Hamtaro and his Ham-Ham team. In both the manga and the anime, Hamtaro and his pals encounter blunders that lead to funny scenarios, making the Hamtaro series one of the most comical but engrossing anime for children and children-at-heart.

2. Yuki Sohma – Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket fans might link Yuki Sohma with a rat. Years of torture and his Curse made him a shy, repressed “Prince Charming.” Thanks to Tohru Honda, he gains self-confidence and eventually becomes student council president.

Yuki Sohma is recognised in both his rat and Chinese Zodiac incarnations. His grey fur and beady eyes match his white-haired human form. Yuki’s personality is significantly bigger than her secondary form, which makes Fruits Basket more enjoyable to watch.

1. Pikachu – Pokemon

Best Anime Rats: Pikachu, the Pokemon mascot, is the cutest anime rat. In Generation 1, the electric mouse had a fat build and dull expressions. Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu becomes an outspoken and talkative Pokemon, refusing to go inside a Pokeball and instead follows Ash and his pals around.

Pikachu has been Ash’s closest companion from the 1997 series, spanning all their travels. Ash’s Pikachu refuses to develop into the more powerful Raichu, instead maintaining his bouncy, lively demeanour.

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