Linus Basket: How to Find Linus’ Basket 2024

Linus Basket: Find Linus’ Blackberry basket in Stardew Valley with this how-to tutorial. Here you’ll discover where to locate the trug, how to unlock this task, and Linus’ prize for it.

How to Get the Blackberry Basket Quest

During your first fall in the valley, Linus will send you a letter saying it’s Blackberry season, but he can’t locate his basket. You’ll be entrusted with finding it for him.
Regardless of your connection with Linus, this letter will come on day 8.

Linus Basket: Where it is

Knowing where to look makes finding Linus’ basket easier. Go to the Bus Station to the right of your farm, then turn left to enter the Backwoods.

Linus Basket

The brownish blackberry basket will be in this region. The lost basket lies on the street’s top side, among some plants outside the Tunnel entrance.
Click the basket, then give it to Linus.

By finishing “Blackberry Basket,” you’ll acquire his friendship.

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How to Find Linus

Stardew Valley’s characters might be difficult to identify at first, notably Linus, who doesn’t dwell in Pelican Town’s major regions.

Linus lives near the mines in a tent. Linus is normally near his tent, the Spa, or the left side of the lake in the fall.

Verify Linus’ route before returning your basket since his whereabouts fluctuates with the time of year, day, and weather.

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