Best Anime Bikers: 7 iconic anime bikers Ranked

Best Anime Bikers: Anime provides something for everyone. Brilliantly constructed cosmic narrative, animation, and characters. Anime contains lovely magical heroines, heroic heroes, and bad-boy bikers.
Rough and boisterous characters riding steel horses effect the series they appear in. These people, whether the protagonist or adversary, wreak turmoil throughout the series. Fans love characters that break the rules and live as though the world revolves around them. Anime bikers are rated.

7. Hibari Ginza – Speed Grapher

Best Anime Bikers: Hibari Ginza is a recurrent character in the anime series Speed Grapher, which follows photographer Tatsumi Saiga. Ginza is romantically and psychotically fascinated with Saiga, desiring to murder and sleep with him.

Despite the repercussions, Ginza rides her motorcycle into populated areas and murders anybody who gets in her way or poses a danger to Saiga’s life. Ginza has a badge she uses to claim self-defense and fire her twin pistols at anybody who irritates her.

6. Reiko Terayama – Golden Boy

Best Anime Bikers: Golden Boy is about a boy’s dream of finding love. Kentaro Oe, 25, left home to find himself. Kentaro’s lecherous nature gets him into trouble in the Golden Boy anime.
Reiko arrives in her rally car and sparks fly with Kentaro. Kentaro can’t talk to Reiko unless he beats her in a race.

5. Yuusei Fudou – YuGiOh 5Ds

Best Anime Bikers: Yugioh 5Ds is the fifth instalment in the Yugioh anime franchise and takes card games on the road with D-Wheels. Yuusei Fudou, the series’ main character, lives in a divided city.

Yuusei seeks vengeance when his breast buddy betrays him. He breaks the rules to enter Neo Domino City and win back the card his friend stole.

Best Anime Bikers

4. Celty Sturluson – Durarara!!

Best Anime Bikers: Celty is a headless currier in the Durarara!! series. Celty arrived to Japan looking for her head. Celty joined Snake Hands and Dollars via a sequence of pointless incidents.

Celty’s bike manifests as a headless horse and carriage, her companion since childhood. Celty is well-mannered and cool-headed for being headless. She weighs the repercussions before making impulsive decisions.

3. Manjiro Sano – Tokyo Revengers

Best Anime Bikers: Tokyo Revengers’ primary character is Sano. His boyhood mates and he form the Kanto Manji Gang. Manjiro has a boring existence until he dies and wakes up a decade in the past with a second chance.
Manjiro is a playful yet committed friend-protector. He’s a fierce warrior who vows to improve his future.

2. Mitsuru Kuwata – Akira

Best Anime Bikers: Mitsuru was a street punk battling opposing gangs with his companions until Kaneda’s accident, which led to psychics and covert military groups.
Mitsuru battled tooth and claw to uncover the truth and release Kaneda. Both guys are egotistical, therefore they fought. Mitsuru seeks to find out what happened to his red Ducati Diavel, which initially appeared in Akira.

1. Eikichi Onizuka – Great Teacher Onizuka

Best Anime Bikers: Great Teacher Onizuka follows former motorcycle gang leader Eikichi Onizuka, now a teacher. Onizuka became a teacher to help young people avoid his mistakes and regrets.

Onizuka takes excellent care of his pupils by stalking, threatening, and tormenting them. Onizuka’s intense teaching approach drives his pupils and colleagues crazy.

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