Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (May 2024)

Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (May 2024): Anime Fighting Universe X provides gamers with an action RPG featuring anime elements, immersing them into an expansive realm created following an immense event. This universe includes characters from legendary animes like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece.

Players aiming to restore harmony to this reality have the opportunity to recruit figures from these series as allies against perils that threaten it all. Summoning anime champions, known as Champions within AFSX, requires using Chikara currency; here Anime Fighting Simulator X codes come into their own; these give extra benefits such as extra Chikara currency or performance enhancements which further boost characters in this sequel to Anime Fighting Simulator.

Anime Fighting Simulator X codes
Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (May 2024)

About: Anime Fighting Simulator X

Roblox Adventure Anime Fighting Tycoon X stands as an innovative successor, refining all core components to an extraordinary level with stunning visuals and an immersive world to traverse. Achieve quests, advance levels and develop abilities all within this anime-infused open world Action RPG!

Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (Active)

Redeem CodeRewards
QuickShutdown1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost (NEW)
150K150K2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts
OMGUPDATE3OMG2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts
Bandites5,000 Chikara
bugFixwithYenOMG2 Stat Boosts, 2 Tournament Coins Boosts
125KLIKESOMG2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts
UPDATE2OUTNOW2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts
AnotherQuickPatchUpdate1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost
LETSGO100K20,000 Chikara Shards, 2 Eri Shards, 2 Stat Boosts
75KLIKESOMG2 Stat Boosts, 10,000 Chikara
UPDATE1OUTNOW10,000 Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts
NICESHUTDOWN1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost
AWESOME50KLIKES10,000 Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts
35KWOW10,000 Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts
bruh3shutdowns5,000 Chikara
anotherBugFixes1 Stat Boost
bugsFixes1 Stat Boost, 3x Shiny Rocks
OMG20KLIKES2x Shiny Rocks
sorryForShutdown1x Shiny Rock
10KLIKESTHANKYOU10,000 Chikara
RELEASE5,000 Chikara

How Can I redeem codes in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To redeem codes in Anime Fighting Simulator X, follow to the instructions provided below.

  • Launch Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator X.
  • Click on the hamburger menu icon.
  • Opt for the Twitter bird icon located in the dropdown menu.
  • Within the designated text box labeled “Enter Code Here,” ensure precise entry of the code as listed by us.
  • Finalize by clicking the redeem button in green, facilitating the retrieval of your reward!

How to get more Anime Fighting Simulator X codes?

To discover additional codes, it is recommended to join the official Discord server. Here you’ll have access to the latest news, updates and opportunities to interact with fellow players. Additionally we will regularly update this wiki with any latest codes; so be sure to come back here often for updates!

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