One Shot Codes (May 2024) open world Environment

Searching for One Shot Codes? We have you covered with a comprehensive list of active, valid, and functional codes created by Tempest Media that are currently valid, active, and functional – these games draws inspiration from One Punch Man manga/anime series; offering an engaging open world adventure where players can gain new abilities while engaging in battles against numerous adversaries, and undertake quests. By redeeming these codes you can gain Skillset Spins that enhance your powers – below you will find this complete list along with its redemption instructions.

What is One Shot?

Once players step foot into One Shot’s expansive open world environment, they are assigned an original and random ability. This power becomes integral as it helps players traverse cities, engage in battles, complete various tasks to enhance their statistics, and accumulate Yen, the in-game currency. Furthermore, they have the option to acquire a Skillset that grants extraordinary powers that can be employed both during exploration and combat – these spins can be purchased with Robux coins for easy acquisition! To unlock random Skillsets.

One Shot Codes

One Shot Codes (Active)

All working codes we have provided below use and enjoy free rewards:

!code AegnoredComeBackRedeem for 80 Spins and 1.5M Yen (New)
!code AegnoredComeBack80 Spins & 1.5M Yen
!code BrandNewUpdate20 Spins & 500k Yen

Expired Codes

!code MetalBatSoonFor 400k Yen & 26 Spins
!code SoonFor 30 spins and 450,000 yen
!code BlablibloublaRedeem code for 350,000 Yen and 24 spins
!code AegnoredRedeem code for 200,000 Yen and 15 spins
!code GappyRedeem code for Free Rewards
!code 1250LIKESRedeem code for 300,000 Yen & 25 Spins
!code iDrinkPepsi24/7Redeem code for 300,000 Yen
!code Sub2Infernasu123Redeem code for 50 Spins
!code TheDemonTimeRedeem code for 30 Spins
!code RamonRanom123Redeem code for 300,000 Yen
!code Ramadan2400,000 Yen & 22 Spins
!code Ramadan350,000 Yen & 20 Spins
!code TheDeepIsCallingRedeem for 25 Spins
!code OneShotRedeem for 10 Spins
!code RELEASERedeem for Spins

How to redeem One Shot Codes?

Follow below mentioned process to redeem all codes:

  • Launch Roblox.
  • Start One Shot.
  • Open the chat box.
  • Enter !code followed by a space.
  • Retrieve a code from previous source.
  • Paste the code into the designated place.
  • Redeem code to receive your free items

How Can I Get More One Shot Codes?

Join official Discord server for all latest news and updates as well as to engage in conversations with fellow players & to discover additional codes! Alternatively this wiki will regularly be updated with any recently issued codes so it would be wise to come back often.

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