Animal Crossing Halloween 2024: Any New Update be released?

Animal Crossing Halloween 2024: As the seasons change and the leaves transform from green to amber, Animal Crossing wants to do the same. Nintendo is aware that October 2024 is the Halloween season. Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go, which are always getting new updates, have recently taken a sharp turn toward our favorite October holiday.

When you take a stroll through your town, you’ll find many Jack O’Lanterns, skeletons, eerie decorations, and people dressed up for the occasion. As Halloween 2024 approaches, what other changes have been made to Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Halloween

When will the spooky update for ‘Animal Crossing Halloween’ be released?

After the first of October, Animal Crossing will be transformed into a spooky holiday village. For the buildup to the main Halloween party on October 31 from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., it even has Jack the Halloween Czar as the master of ceremonies. His voice is reminiscent of Jack the Pumpkin King from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and he wears a pumpkin mask and a cloak.

The town has been decked out in pumpkins, spider webs, and witches hats in honour of the season. Be sure to stock up on sweets in advance of the big day.

In-game costumes can be bought at Abe’s shop. Nook’s shop sells candies for 120 bells apiece. However, there is a catch—you can only buy one candy every day. There will be a Halloween party in Animal Crossing in 2024, and on that day, you can join the other villagers in going trick-or-treating. Make sure you have enough of goodies on hand. The minimum number of attendees is 15, so plan accordingly. Being miserly toward your neighbours is a bad idea.

Lots of ‘Animal Crossing Halloween’-themed Halloween goodies, including costumes and treats

Having 15 or more will allow you to fully take advantage of the opportunity to acquire unique Halloween items for your character.

If you’re running low on time but still want to make up for not buying candy from Tom Nook every day since the beginning of the month, you can. One, if you dress as Jack the Czar of Halloween, you can scare locals into giving you candy. Jack will give you his clothes and pumpkin head if you offer him two pieces of candy.

Try approaching locals while dressed as him. They will be so startled that they will have to give you a candy. Even if you forget to stock up on sweets before Halloween, you can still get by with a little trick-or-treating on the big day.

The sweets you collect can be redistributed. Giving candy to the locals will result in you receiving lollipops as a thank you. Once you give Jack the two candies, he will only take lollipops in exchange for Halloween-related crafting instructions.

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