Animal Restaurant Codes (December 2022): New Update

Animal Restaurant Codes 2022: Holidays and other special occasions could be times when people can redeem codes. The use of redemption codes is not limited to the purchase of goods. Chef Gumi will occasionally announce events on the Animal Restaurant’s social media accounts, so we suggest you follow them. Make sure you take part in it.

A stray cat in the woods is the catalyst for this uplifting management simulation game. You run the Animal Restaurant now, right? Do you think this clumsy, filthy cat could find a home with you and a job at your eatery?

If you put in the effort, you’ll never run out of clients. Will you engage this varied group of customers in conversation? Do you plan to take their opinions into consideration or counter them with your own? Reading the emails and messages of consumers is a great way to learn about their experiences. They are open to having you join in and making a difference in their lives.

Hear the inside scoop on some heartbreaking events and rumours. Animal Restaurant is a basic, cosy, and cute restaurant that offers all of this and more.

Animal Restaurant Codes

Animal Restaurant Codes (December 2022)

We’ve updated this page with all active Animal Restaurant coupons as of right now. These codes can be redeemed by players for a variety of in-game benefits, including free diamonds, cods, plates, keepsakes, and floor decor. New and valid discount codes for Animal Restaurant are as follows:

HAPPY3RDANNRedeem this gift code for Floral Crown (Valid until October 23rd, 2022) (New)
3RDANNGALARedeem this gift code for Artist Sculpture (Valid until October 15th, 2022) (New)
MOONFESTIVALRedeem this gift code for Osmanthus Hanging Ornament (Valid until October 10th, 2022) (New)
AR999Redeem this gift code for 50,000 Cod
GUMILOVEURedeem this gift code for Handmade Scarf Memento (Valid until September 20th, 2022)
HAPPYASACHILDRedeem this gift code for Golden Ponytail (Valid until July 1st, 2022)
DORISAIMEOWRedeem this gift code for Bunny Ears Top Hat (Valid until May 6th, 2022)
LOVEUMORERedeem this gift code for Romantic Frame (Valid until March 14th, 2022)
HAPPY2022Redeem this gift code for Cloth Tiger (Valid until March 1st, 2022)
thx4followingRedeem this gift code for Helmet (Valid until February 25th, 2022)
jinglebellsRedeem this gift code for Small Wooden Reindeer (Valid until January 6th, 2022)
XMAS2021Redeem this gift code for Gumi’s Happy Box (Valid until January 24th, 2022)
thanksgivingRedeem this gift code for Fried Egg (Valid until December 26th, 2021)
halloween2021Redeem this gift code for Strange Box (Valid until November 30th, 2021)
midautumn2021Redeem this gift code for Lantern Car (Valid until October 20th, 2021)
2ndanniversaryRedeem this gift code for Brown Top Hat (Valid until October 13th, 2021)
followusRedeem this gift code for Seaweed Brows (Valid until October 14th, 2021)
qixi2021Redeem this gift code for Fairy Chignon (Valid until September 15th, 2021)
celebration2021Redeem this gift code for Speedy Teacup (Valid until August 20th, 2021)
tsuyu2021Redeem this gift code for Yolky’s Flower Memento (Valid until July 22nd, 2021)
happyjuneRedeem this gift code for Candy Wall Hangings (Valid until June 15th, 2021)
superstar2021Redeem this gift code for Strawberry Knitted Cap (Valid until June 13th, 2021)
onecodRedeem this gift code for Golden Cod (Added on April 1st, 2021)
love2021Redeem this gift code for Guitar (Added on February 14th, 2021)
2021oxyearRedeem this gift code for Big-headed Stone Lion (Added on February 11th, 2021)
AR999Redeem this gift code for Cod +50,000
5sYtuqu7pfRedeem this gift code for Plate + 800
Tb4AAzKWGeRedeem this gift code for Diamond +20
qVvBMyuRXKRedeem this gift code for Diamond +100
TG2020Redeem this gift code for Thanksgiving Cat
xF3XbHWDOJRedeem this gift code for Diamond +30
mooncakeRedeem this gift code for Mini Convertible

How do I use a codes for Animal Restaurant?

Animal Restaurant has a cheat code, but you don’t know how to use it? It’s pretty simple. Here are just a few steps on how to use the redemption codes:

  • Step 1: Start the game and click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Step 2: A new window will appear, Tap on the cat with question marks on its head, which is next to the “Follow Us” button on the left.
  • Step 3: In the “Enter the redemption code” box, type in the Animal Restaurant codes we gave you above.
  • Step 4: Click the “OK” button, and you’ll get your reward right away.

Where can I find a codes for Animal Restaurant?

Facebook, Reddit, and Discord are among the websites where the Animal Restaurant code has been made public. These codes are typically released by the developers on significant dates such as birthdays, holidays, relationship anniversaries, and other events. When the new coupon codes become available, we will add them here. Save this page to your bookmarks and keep checking back for updated discount codes.

Readme also:

Can you tell me the secret to increase the Star Ranks at AnimalRestaurant?

You’ll soon learn that you don’t need to raise your Star Rank to buy a lot of cool stuff in this game. Buying equipment and decorations from the shop will improve your Star count by a small amount, making it easy to rise in the ranks. You can increase your Star Rank by collecting more items and performing more upgrades. Because of this, you’ll be able to make better meals and afford stronger enhancements.


We have compliled the list of “Animal Restaurant Codes” for the game lovers. All the updated codes for the game you can get here and enjoy by redeemig it. If having any issue regarding the redeeming the codes leave a comment in the comment section below. We will make sure to reply you.

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