All Tecno Bootloader Unlock File Download 2024

All Tecno Bootloader Unlock File :This article will give you instructions for the Tecno unlock Bootloader file and the method to unlock it. Locking the Tecno phone’s bootloader can be one of the first steps in customizing your phone to extreme levels..

All Tecno Bootloader Unlock File Download 2022
  • Rooting.
  • Installing modules
  • Flashing custom firmware
  • and much more.

The bootloader can be described as a vendor-exclusive image responsible for the kernel of the device. It secures the device’s state and fully confirms the boot and recovery partitions’ reliability.

Features Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files:

Installation of ADB and Fastboot drivers.

ADB is essential to enable users to root or modify the system files of their phone, making use of the appropriate commands. The Fastboot application is needed to alter your phone’s firmware via commands it sends to the phone.

Enable USB Debugging and Enable OEM Unlock

It is also essential to switch on USB Debugging and activate the OEM unlock option on your device before connecting it and connecting using the Fastboot ADB method. To do so:

  • Go to the Options menu on your phone.
  • Then, head into your “About Phone” section. Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see the Build Number.
  • Tap it seven times fast, and you will see the Developer Options will be enabled on your phone.
  • Then, return to the Settings page and look for Developer Options…
  • You’ll have to click on it to switch off your USB Debugging switch.
  • After completing the process, make sure you scroll down a little and then turn off the Allow OEM Unlocking toggle. If it’s grayed out, then continue to the next step.
  • Once you’ve enabled both options, you can close. After enabling both options, you can close the Settings page.

Supported Models

Tecno AB7Tecno AC8Tecno BB4Tecno BB4K
Tecno BC1STecno BC3Tecno CA7 Tecno CA8
Tecno CA8STecno CB7Tecno CB7JTecno CC6
Tecno CC7Tecno CC9Tecno CD6Tecno CD6j
Tecno CD6STecno CD7Tecno CD8Tecno CD8j
Tecno CE7Tecno CE7jTecno CE8Tecno CE9
Tecno CE9hTecno CF7Tecno CF7kTecno CF7s
Tecno CF8Tecno CG6Tecno CG6jTecno CG7
Tecno CG8Tecno F4 PROTecno ID3KTecno ID5
Tecno ID5ATecno ID5BTecno ID6Tecno IN1
Tecno IN1 PROTecno IN2Tecno IN6Tecno KB2
Tecno KB2HTecno KB2jTecno KB3Tecno KB7j
Tecno KB8Tecno KC1Tecno KC1hTecno KC1j
Tecno KC2Tecno KC2jTecno KC3Tecno KC6
Tecno KC6sTecno KC8Tecno KC8sTecno KD6
Tecno KD6ATecno KD7KD7HTecno KD7S
Tecno KE5Tecno KE5JTecno KE5KTecno KEFS
Tecno KE6Tecno KE6JTecno KE7Tecno KF6
Tecno KF6HTecno KF6iTecno KF6jTecno KF8
Tecno LA7 PROTecno LB7Tecno LB8Tecno LB8A
Tecno LC6Tecno LC6ATecno LC7Tecno LC7S
Tecno LC8Tecno LD7Tecno LD7jTecno RA8

Download All Tecno Bootloader Unlock File 2024

Name: TecnoBootloader
Size: 1 MB
Password: officialroms

MediaFire Download

How To Use Unlock Tecno Bootloader Unlock ?

First Method

  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
  • Make sure you connect to connect your Tecno mobile device to your PC
  • Double-click Command Prompt to open it. on the Tecno Mobile Bootloader Unlocking.bat file
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • DONE!

Second Method

  • Save the file on your computer.
  • Connect your Tecno phone to the computer.
  • Then, wait for the computer to recognize the device that is connected.
  • Once this is done, the USB driver can be downloaded on the computer when you are done after that.
  • Open the file you extracted on the computer.
  • Press the Shift key and right-click with the mouse.
  • Choose from the Open PowerShell window or open the Command Window from the pop-up.
  • If asked, click “Yes” to grant admin access.
  • Type the following command line into the CMD window, and then press Enter to verify whether your gadget is in ADB and if it is not

adb devices

  • If you get a pop-up on your device’s screen that says allow the USB Debugging on your smartphone, click Okay to continue.
  • Use the command line below and press the Enter key to turn on your device’s bootloader.

ADB Bootloader that reboots

  • Your device will be restarted into Fastboot mode.
  • Use the following command to unlock the bootloader of the device you own: Tecno Smartphone:

flashing to unlock the fastboot

quick boot restart

You will have completed your Tecno mobile Bootloader Unlocking completed when you issue the commands above. Install your device and then check-in the to the developer mode If OEM is turned on and grayed out. Congratulations!

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