Activity Challenge on Apple Watch Focuses on Yoga New Smart Watch 2019

Activity Challenge on Apple Watch Focuses on Yoga New Smart Watch 2019

Apple has set its sights on International Yoga Day as the next Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

Apple Watch users can participate by performing a yoga workout for 15 minutes using the Health app. Keep in mind that it only works when you get an app that adds yoga workouts.

Afterwards, they earn an achievement that unlocks three animated stickers for use within FaceTime and Messages. A virtual trophy will be displayed on the Achievements section when you get to the Activity app on your iPhone.

Yoga workouts have been added as native support in watchOS 5 the previous year. It’s the first time that Yoga was featured within the Activity Challenges section.

The last Apple Watch Activity Challenge was in April for Earth Day. Apple Watch users had to go outside and work out for 30 minutes so they could unlock an Achievement- a trophy in the Activity app and stickers for Messages and FaceTime.

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