Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (April 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (April 2024): Zenless Zone Zero, developed and published by miHoYo, was released for sale on May 17, 2023. As an action role-playing game (ARPG), Zenless Zone Zero incorporates elements of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving; players take on the role of Proxy fighters who must defend New Eridu from invasion by another dimension known as Ethereal.

This game boasts a groundbreaking Ethereal Energy combat system that allows players to chain together various attacks into powerful combos. There are also plenty of characters for you to collect & level up, each offering their own set of unique abilities.

What is the Zenless Zone Zero Tier List?

The Zenless Zone Zero Tier List is a ranking created by community players based on expert opinion as well as in-game data and performance metrics for every character present in the game. Regular updates to reflect any new additions or modifications occur to reflect any recent updates to Zenless Zone Zero are made.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

S Tier Characters

Ben and Nekomiya are among the premier characters of Zenless Zone Zero. Ben excels at dealing out devastating melee damage while Nekomiya can adapt to many roles within her team.

A Tier Characters

Zenless Zone Zero’s A tier characters include Corin and Soukaku. Corin is a ranged character who can deal damage at distance while Soukaku acts as a support character to aid her allies.

B Tier Characters

Zenless Zone Zero’s B tier characters include Anby, Nicole, Lycaon, Miyabi Anton and Soldier 11 who remain very capable despite not possessing as much strength.

C Tier Characters

Billy and Koleda represent Zenless Zone Zero’s C tier characters, offering lower strength than their other tier counterparts but still being useful in certain circumstances.

Final Words

The Zenless Zone Zero Tier List provides players with a useful resource when choosing which characters to focus on developing. The list considers several factors, such as damage output, survivability and utility of characters as well as new releases. Furthermore, as more characters join and updates come out for ZZZ this tier list may change accordingly.

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