Xbox Mini Fridge: All the information you Need

Xbox Mini Fridge: The Fridge is a blessing. In the video games business, jokes that hurt a firm seldom lead to real new ideas. The Fridge, currently for sale, does just that.

Social media users soon compared the Xbox Series X’s tall, rectangular appearance to a fridge. Instead of going back on design, Microsoft embraced the fun and created a gigantic Xbox Series X freezer for gamers to keep their food cool.

Microsoft built an Fridge at E3 2021 because players demanded one. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge was revealed, and the rest is history. Since its introduction, the Fridge has been a sought-after collectible for Xbox fans.

Design of Xbox Mini Fridge

The Xbox Mini Fridge mimics an Xbox Series X in many respects. Microsoft’s flagship system has everything, even a front USB port that can charge your smartphone. TheFridge’s power button and top vent may be lighted separately, adding sophistication.

The Fridge has a button on the rear for power and eco/max mode. The eco mode has less fan noise than the other settings.

Its 10-liter size lets it hold 12 beverage cans and two retractable shelves for snacks. The Fridge keeps everything chilled, but a caution sticker warns of condensation.

Price of the Fridge

The Xbox Mini Fridge is now accessible. It was planned to be out around the holidays in 2021 (between November and December), however that date was pushed back to January 2022.

Xbox Mini Fridge

Only Target (opens in new tab) in the US and Game (opens in new tab) in the UK sell the Xbox Mini Fridge, and Game had supply problems that caused a delay. $99.99 / £89.99 in price. It’s important to note that because of the size of the unit, you could have to pay a high delivery fee if you choose not to pick up the Fridge from a shop.

Where to buy the Fridge

Target and Game sell the Xbox Mini Fridge. Both merchants have battled to maintain the product in stock since enthusiasts desire it as souvenirs or a little fridge.

Xbox Mini Fridge: $99.99 at Target Xbox Mini Fridge: £89.99 at Game

Is it Worth Buying?

Xbox aficionados will love the quirky Fridge. It’s a little fridge, but it’s not great. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge’s fan noise may be bothersome, but if you put it in another room, it won’t be. The Fridge’s lighted power button, top fan, and USB connector add to its charm.

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