Wordle Today Answer & Hint (November 22, 2022): Tips and Guide

Wordle Today Answer and Hint: Wordle was an instant hit when it was released, and it has managed to keep its users captivated to their mobile devices ever since. The game’s premise is quite basic: guessing a five-letter word but it’s a fun and accessible puzzle that can be played on the daily.

You can play Wordle every day since its release and still get stuck on the daily answer. Some of the correct responses may be more difficult to decipher than others, while others may be whole new words to you (looking at you, CAULK).

Wordle today hints and answer

It’s okay to admit that you need a little prod now and then. Today’s Wordle hint is included below, along with the solution in case you’re wondering. First, we’ll drop a tip that may or may not reveal the entire solution. You’re on a roll with Wordle if you can figure it out, but if not, it’s okay to look it up. The daily Wordle solution is as follows:

Wordle Today Answer & Hint

Today’s (November 21) Wordle solution was GROVE, in case you’re trying to play catch-up. If you need a hint before you scroll down to get today’s Wordle answer, consider the following three possibilities:

  • This word is used to describe a speech or story that is long or hard to understand.
  • It is most often used by a salesperson.
  • Has a “S” on it.

Wordle Today Answer (November 22, 2022)

The answer to today’s Wordle is easier than the last few. There are two vowels and no letters that come back to back. It is used to describe a speech or story that is long or easy to understand. Today, November 22, the answer to Wordle puzzle (#490) is SPIEL.

We’ll update this page every day to make sure it has the latest Wordle answer, but if you don’t want to check every day, there are some helpful hints to help you solve each puzzle on your own. Try to start with a word that has a lot of vowels. Mathematician Jonathan Olson says that “Salet,” “Rance,” “Alter,” and “Crate” are all good words to use first.

How to win wordle: Tips

Using a high-quality starting word for your Wordle project is my top recommendation. I can’t overstate how much of a difference this makes.

Without it, you’ll have to fumble around in the dark, trying to pick the appropriate five letters (or potentially fewer) out of the 26 possibilities, and you might not even succeed. However, smart people (not me) have done the math and determined which words are the most frequently used in both the English language and Wordle submissions. Apply them!

Second, consider possible pairings, particularly early and late in the sentence. The choices SH, ST, CR, and CH are significantly more prevalent than the others.

Naturally, vowels are also important to take into account, as not all Wordle solutions will include at least two vowels. Two should have been utilised in a decent Wordle starter word, so if they aren’t there, you may want to try again with a different word or two.

And don’t forget the Y, which is often used as a substitute vowel but is easy to overlook. As a suffix, it can be found at the end of several words.

When everything else fails, you should at least try something. You can experiment with possible answers without submitting the form to see how they display. Try inputting the letters you think might be in the word, along with any you know for sure are in the word, and then mentally switching them about. I’ve found this method to be effective on numerous occasions, especially when the term in question is not immediately clear (like FJORD or ISLET).

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If you read the information about the “Wordle Today Answer & Hint” here, you should understand the situation much better. We’d love to hear your ideas and answer any questions you might have in the space below. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you think you need it.

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