Wisteria Codes: The Ultimate Guide (May 2024)

Wisteria Codes: In-game items and upgrades are always a welcome addition, and Wisteria codes provide fantastic benefits for your gaming adventures. As Roblox players frequently indulge in Wisteria, these cheats may see more frequent updates compared to other games.

Below, we’ve listed all the currently active and expired Wisteria coupons for you to experiment with. Furthermore, we’ll guide you on how to redeem them, so make sure to read all the way through to swiftly claim your rewards!

Wisteria Codes (Active Codes)

You may find all active Wisteria codes here. These vouchers frequently provide free things, and who can refuse rewards? Wisteria codes

!NichirinRerollNichirin reroll
!BreathResetBreath Reset
!BDAResetBlood Demon Art Reset
!RaceResetRace Reset
!ChristmasClanClan Reroll
!ChristmasClan2Clan Reroll
!ChristmasBreatheBreathe Reroll
!ChristmasBDABDA Reset
!SetYourBlazerBDA Reroll
!ClickTheSunBreath Reset
!Demon80KBreath Reset
!ResetMeProgress and Race Reset
!NichirinColorNichirin Color Reroll
!HairDripHair and Eye Reroll
!HaoriResetHaori Reroll
!DemonAppearanceDemon Appearance Reset
Wisteria Codes

Wisteria Codes (Expired Codes)

We have a comprehensive list of expired Wisteria codes you may input to see whether they work for you.

If you’re typing the aforementioned active Wisteria coupons, there’s no harm in attempting.

  • !90000LIKES 
  • !100KDEMONAPP 
  • !100KBDA Blood 
  • !100KBreath 
  • !80000LIKESHAORI 
  • !80000LIKESDEMON
  • !BDAReset 
  • !DemonAppearance 
  • !BreathReset 
  • !Demon80K 
  • !2021DemonArt
  • !2021Breath 
  • !Christmas 
  • !BDAReroll
  • !BreathReset
  • !10000WISHES 
  • !30000LIKES 
  • !1000FOLLOWS
  • !25000LIKES 
  • !20000LIKES

Redeeming Wisteria Codes

But, what’s the use of exciting coupons for new rewards if you can’t use them? Follow these steps to obtain all the free items:

  • Start the Wisteria game.
  • Access the in-game menu.
  • Look for the “Codes” option within the game menu.
  • Enter the code.
  • Redeem the code by clicking the “Redeem” or “Submit” button.

Now, enjoy your well-earned rewards!

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