Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase: Unleashes a flood of Indies

Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase: Whitethorn Games publishes innovative video games. In 2018, Matt Suiche and Jonas Maaløe created the firm to provide independent game creators a place to promote their work.

Whitethorn Games helps independent creators sell their games in Los Angeles, California. The firm helps developers with marketing, distribution, and finance so they can concentrate on game development.

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Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase

The Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase presentation revealed new titles, release dates, and other intriguing details. The publisher, known for Calico, Lake, and Wytchwood, will release more delightful games in the following months. While we wait for Spring, such news will warm you up.

Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase

Three promising games were shown during the Whitethorn Games winter showcase. Magical Delicacy for Switch, a Cooking Mama-vania featuring food preparation and exploration, comes first. SkateFish, another wacky crossover mobile game, challenges you to amaze local aquatic creatures with deadly feats. Ephemera Games’ Kernal Hearts concludes the list. The official Kernal Hearts site’s “sign up to murder God” statement has us intrigued.

Kana Quest

Kana Quest, a Japanese letter puzzler, will come on Switch in 2024. The release date trailer shows a dog to pet, therefore I’ll definitely buy it. Botany Manor, Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Isle, and Whalefall, an in-house epic RPG, all received new trailers during the presentation. Lucky us.

Whitethorn Games 2023 Winter Showcase

Welcome to the 2023 Whitethorn Winter Showcase! Come along as we discuss our recent releases and plans for the year and beyond

Usability and Accessibility Expert Britt Dye gave a brief update on Whitethorn Games’ accessibility efforts before closing the winter showcase. We’re glad Whitethorn is highlighting inclusion in gaming with many of accessible features in the forthcoming releases.

Whitethorn Games concluded their presentation by discussing current gaming news. Calico Pawsome Edition on Switch, Princess Farmer on Android and iOS, and RE:CALL on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Now you’re aware of all the significant information from the Whitethorn Games winter showcase.

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