Where to Find Alan Wake 2 Words of Power?

Where to Find Alan Wake 2 Words of Power? Words of Power can be found all throughout Alan Wake 2, and they grant Alan new powers that may aid him in surviving the dangers of the Dark Place.

Words of Power can often be hidden away in difficult to find locations, making their discovery challenging. There are several measures you can implement to simplify the process.

  • Use your flashlight. Words of Power often emit a faint glow, which can be seen more easily in the dark.
  • Look for yellow arrows. These arrows will point you in the direction of the nearest Word of Power.
  • Explore off the beaten path. Some Words of Power are hidden in out-of-the-way places, so don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path.

How to find Words of Power

Words of Power can be found throughout Alan Wake 2, but in order to locate them you must use your flashlight and look out for yellow arrows that lead directly to them. Once located, these Words of Power will make their presence known!

Alan Wake 2 Words

Once you have located a Word of Power, simply stand before it and direct your flashlight toward it for several seconds until the Word of Power becomes unlocked, at which time it can be assigned one of three slots.

Where to Find Alan Wake 2 Words of Power

Words of Power serve as a crucial gameplay element in Alan Wake 2. They bestow upon Alan a diverse range of passive and active capabilities to aid him in his struggle for survival and combat against the encroaching darkness. In total, there exist seven distinct categories of Words of Power.

  • Words of War: Increase Alan combat effectiveness.
  • Words of Gun: Improve the performance of firearms.
  • Words of Lamp: Strengthen Alan flashlight and make it more effective against darkness.
  • Words of Action: Improve Alan movement speed and agility.
  • Words of Fix: Increase Alan health and resistance to damage.
  • Words of Aid: Improve the effectiveness of healing items and abilities.
  • Words of Light: Increase the power and effectiveness of light-based attacks.

Alan Wake 2 features many Words of Power hidden away in unlikely places, so to find them you need to keep an eye out for yellow arrows that only appear when your flashlight shines upon them and follow these to reach the Word of Power, marked with a glowing circle of words.


Words of Power play a pivotal role in Alan Wake 2, empowering players with a substantial edge during combat and exploration. Therefore, embark on your quest and begin your search!

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