Wanna Date Net Worth 2024: Who is Wanna Date Founder?

Wanna Date Net Worth 2024: Wanna Date is a nut butter spread that has dates, which are one of the healthiest foods we know of. Dates make you cheerful and give you energy. It works well in place of sugar. Wanna Date is a spread that only gives you 30 calories each time you use it. Wanna Date is thought to be net worth about $ 4 million.

Wanna Date Net Worth 2024

The pitch was given a value of $500,000, which Mark Cuban later changed to $303,030.3 to make sense. Wanna Date is thought to be net worth about $ 4 million. As of 2024, they have made $4.7 million in sales.

Wanna Date Net Worth

Who starts Wanna Date? Wanna date founder

Want A Date was founded by Melissa Bartow of New York University where she earned a bachelor of entrepreneurship. Throughout her studies at NYU she held various roles such as photography for magazines, spokesperson for major corporations, waitressing at food carts, as well as interning for food vendors during undergraduate days to gain more insights about dates.

Melissa soon realized that commercially available dates were all sweetened. After doing some research and conducting trials with acquaintances to gauge quality before officially releasing Wanna Date into the marketplace. It received positive reviews!

Company NameWanna Date
EntrepreneurMelissa Bartow
ProductDates-based alternatives to jams and nut butter
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 20% equity in Wanna Date
Final Deal$100,000 For 33% equity in Wanna Date
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 11 Episode 11
Business StatusIn Business

How Business Started

Melissa was shocked to find out that the acai bowls she sold contained more than 15 grams of sugar per bowl, so she set about grinding up some acai berries into powder to create an all-natural sugar alternative.

After envisioning a date-based nut butter, she took it upon herself to experiment and develop Wanna Date in 2017. Its first batch was manufactured at her college dorm room that year – offering five distinctive vegan-friendly flavors!

Many have discovered Wanna Date as an ideal gluten-free substitute to traditional spreads like jam and nut butters due to its 30 Calories per Serving count and fast became their go-to solution when satisfying sweet tooth cravings.

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Wanna Date Before Shark Tank

Melissa’s discovery of dates led her to create Wanna Date. Melissa had recently moved from Florida to New York for college when she met and fell for her initial set of potential suitors: dates that had all the essential nutrients and energy necessary for maintaining good health. She believed these fruits to provides all they had needed in terms of sustenance for herself as a good date candidate.

She managed to secure an internship at a grocery shop while she was attending university, where she put forth maximum effort at work. It was when she saw even “healthy” menu options had extra sugar added that this setback began its impactful transformation into Wanna Date.

Melissa began researching how dates could replace sugar as part of a viable substitute, however due to no products on the market she purchased a food processor and started making date butter herself in her dorm room – the results and responses from friends proved very positive indeed!

Melissa launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding drive to realize her vision, raising over $10,000 during this drive. Melissa then attended Google Business 101 courses to increase her knowledge in business management; ultimately implementing her plan by marketing the product online with positive results resulting in sales encouragingly surpassing projections.

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What happened to “Wanna Date” after “Shark Tank”?

Who Wants a Date Tonight? In January of 2020, Shark Tank made its first ever debut and NYU graduate Mark Cuban has maintained his focus throughout this pandemic of fame and fortune.

The Wanna Date movement has seen phenomenal global expansion since it launched. Sales continue to climb month after month despite their relatively small size; even after airing of Melissa still receives orders which she fulfills thanks to Mark.

Wanna Date products can be purchased directly through its website, Amazon and select Whole Foods locations; locally-owned health food stores also carry them for retail sale. Since its founding, Wanna Date has amassed $4 Million in sales total.

Mark Cuban Asks an Entrepreneur to Change Up Her Product – Shark Tank

Melissa Bartow is very passionate about her vegan, date-based spread company Wanna Date?

Wanna Date Closing Deal on Shark Tank

Melissa agrees to take Mark up on his offer of $100,000 for 33% of Wanna Date. They make sure that the deal is done.

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