Vivo Y93 Pattern Lock Frp Lock Remove Using ADB 2024

Vivo Y93 Pattern and Frp Lock Remove Using Adb: If you need to take out the pattern lock and frp lock from a Vivo Y93 phone, there are steps you can take on your own. Start by charging the battery until 90% and add an MRT dongle for extra security. As data backup is essential when working on such projects as this – whether that be contact details, messages, emails or anything else essential that needs saving in a device – make sure all important things such as these get backed up on any device!

Backuping on another computer is possible, though we recommend doing it before formatting a device as all data will be lost and unrecoverable. You may use an external unit like a hard drive, SD card or other suitable device to back up other devices if they’re doing it themselves. But please remember: doing this at your own risk; we take no responsibility if something breaks down on your machine!

If you are a beginner or expert in Android software related to the Vivo Y93, this method should be easy enough for anyone. If your USB error is not recognized, your USB won’t function and battery issues will prevent proper charging of the USB socket – thus failing this method. If any questions arise during this process, please leave them in the comment box and I will do my best to support you.

Vivo Y93 Pattern Lock & Frp Lock Remove Without Box

RealmeVivo V11 Pattern Unlock FRP Lock Remove (Free Tool)

Vivo Y93 remove adb Pattern Unlock FRP Lock Remove (Free Tool)

Vivo Y93 USB Driver Free Download

File Size: 10 MB

Vivo Y93 adb Format Tool Free Download

File Size:- 2.5 MB

Smart Phone Flash Tools by

Vivo Y93 Factory Reset And FRP Bypass Tool – Vivo ADB Format Tool

  1. Download and install Vivo USB drivers on Install “VCOM drivers” or “MTK Drivers”. Drivers installation is must to create bridge connection in between pc and mobile.
  2. Power Of the device first.
  3. Press and hold volume up button + Power button at the same time.
  4. Now you will see two different options like “Recovery” & “Reboot” , Just use volume key for navigation and select “Recovery” option using power key to boot Vivo into recovery mode.
  5. In next step, click on “Advance” option “reboot With adb” option.
  6. Connect the device with pc via Usb cable after device power ON again.
  7. Please Note: If the device is properly connected with pc into adb mode, it will show COMPort under the “Device Manager” section.
  8. Extract and open the downloaded “Vivoadbformattool” on windows pc.
  9. Once the tool opened, enter the same port number which is displayed under the device manager section as shown in below screenshot.
  10. Finally hit on “BTN2” button to remove vivo pattern lock.
  11. Vivo tool will show “Finish” massage on the tool that means, pattern unlock process is done.

Please be aware: At this stage, Vivo Mobile will reboot and format your data automatically. There is no need for you to do anything; simply wait for the process to finish.

Setup the device again. In between steps, you’ll notice a “China logo”. Simply click and hold this to activate it, then click ok in a pop up message to continue setting up without FRP lock or pattern lock.

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