VIVO Demo Mode Remove Free Tool Download 100% Test Safe

VIVO Demo Mode Remove Free Tool Download 100% 2020 it You Want to Unlock Yout Pattern Lock Frp & Screen Lock Like Vivo S1 Pro & Other Latest Mobile Though Mobile Not Working MRT 3.19 & Other You can Easy To Use & Unlock Any Latest Vivo Mobile. If by mistake engineer select “Enter demonstration mode” in AT tool, the handset goes in Demo mode.

Vivo Demo Mode

You could try and search through all device settings and see if there’s an option and toggle off Demo Mode, or go to Settings > Apps > All to see if there’s an app called “Demo.” If there’s one, tap and tap Enable. The other choice is to restart a factory to see if it helps.

Download VIVO Demo Mode Remove Free Tool Download

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AFT Server Download

To recover the handset, follow the below steps:

  • Dial *#558# to enter the factory test, Quality verification test—development mode—open the Debugging port 
  • Connect the handset to the computer via USB 
  • Open sscom32.exe on your computer (right-click, run as administrator) 
  • Select the serial port, the serial port number is not sure, only one mobile phone is connected, and the serial port number is not COM1. 
  • Click to open the serial port. 
  • Do not modify the contents of the string input box 
  • Click the to send, The screenshot is as follows if success

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