Traci Braxton net worth 2024: Personal Life, Early Life, and Death

Traci Braxton has a $1 million net worth as a singer, songwriter, actor, and reality TV personality. She rose to prominence in the 1990s, and she is best known for hosting the BLIS show, The Traci Braxton Show. FM radio was a huge success.

What is Traci Braxton net worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
NameTraci Braxton
Profession:Singer, Reality TV Star
Age:50 Years Old
Country:United States
Born:April 2, 1971
Died:12 March 2022

Early Life

Traci Renee Braxton was born on April 2, 1971, in New York City. On March 12, 2022, she passed away. She was born in the town of Severn, Maryland. Her father, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., was a Methodist preacher who worked in the energy sector, and her mother, Evelyn Jackson, was a former opera singer, beautician, and pastor from South Carolina. The father of Braxton’s mother was also a clergyman.

Traci Braxton net worth

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Traci Braxton was raised in a strict religious environment with four sisters and an older brother. Traci’s early musical experiences were singing in the church chorus.


Net Worth$1 Million
NameTraci Braxton
Height(1.7 m)
Weight70KG (Approx)
ProfessionSinger, Reality TV Star
Date Of BirthApril 2, 1971
BirthplaceUnited States
Income$250,000 (Annual)
SpouseKevin Surratt

Personal Life

Traci Surratt had three beautiful children from her marriage to Kevin Surratt. Kevin Surratt Jr. was the couple’s firstborn. Traci’s marriage to Kevin was in disarray after she suspected Kevin of having an affair with another woman, which turned out to be true. The couple had agreed to participate in the reality show “Marriage Boot Camp” in order to repair their destroyed marriage. The couple’s argument turned into a brawl when they said hurtful things to each other, and their marriage was legally ended.

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Braxton died on March 12, 2022, at the age of 50. She had been battling esophageal cancer for at least a year before she died.

Musical Career

Traci and her four sisters founded The Braxtons, a musical ensemble. They secured a record deal in 1989, and their first single, “Good Life,” was released the following year. The Braxtons were sacked by their record label after the single failed to chart. The label blamed the lack of financial success of their song as well as the challenge of marketing women of diverse ages. Toni Braxton was singled out by record producers in 1991 as having the most potential for a solo career. The Braxtons’ other members were advised that the label was not interested in signing them.

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All was not lost, however. When Toni Braxton toured the United States following her successful solo career, the Braxtons became her backup vocalists. The Braxtons were eventually signed by the same record label that signed Toni. However, they never released any singles or albums. Traci’s musical career ended abruptly in 1995. Despite reports that she had quit the music industry to work as a youth counsellor, she was not granted the opportunity to sign a new record deal owing to her pregnancy.

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Cars Collection Traci Braxton

Traci Braxton just paid $80,000 USD for an Audi Q2. Traci Braxton is also the proud owner of a $110,000 Volvo XC60. Below are some of Traci Braxton’s previous vehicles. See also the net worth of Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

  • BMW X9
  • Lexus ES
  • Land Rover Defender

House of Traci Braxton

Traci Braxton lives in a 6,500-square-foot California house. Traci Braxton obtained a bank loan to purchase this property for a whopping $15 million.

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Traci Braxton’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 million when she died in 2024. She began a solo musical career and became extremely wealthy as a result of her efforts in the entertainment sector. Toni was signed to LaFace Records in 1991, and the remaining Braxtons joined her on her first U.S. tour, music videos, and promotional appearances.

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