Top-grossing casino games worldwide 2024

Casino gaming remains an immensely popular form of global entertainment, drawing over 200 million participants each year worldwide. Casino games provide fun while giving gamblers the chance to test their luck; however not all jurisdictions allow gambling activity.

For instance, Massachusetts online casinos remain prohibited, although residents can still have fun in legal land-based casinos, lottery games, and social casinos. Regardless of the legal landscape, real-money casino games are still captivating the hearts and wallets of many players across the world. Here are five top-grossing casino games that operators and punters are making the most money from in 2024.

Top-grossing casino games worldwide 2024


Slots are arguably the most popular type of casino game and one of the top-grossing gambling segments. In fact, the global slots market was valued at $9.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $13.4 billion by 2030. This growth is partly due to the rising number of casinos across the world and the growing popularity of online gambling.

The average return-to-player ratio for slots ranges from 94.5% to 96.5%, but some online slots offer a higher RTP. Additionally, some progressive jackpot slots at reputable online casinos have a relatively low payout rate. However, they compensate for that by giving the players the chance to potentially win life-changing amounts if they’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot.


Poker has long held the attention of millions around the globe. By 2022, global online poker market was estimated at $76.7 billion globally with projections that it will surpass $170.12 billion by 2030 at an astounding 12.5% compound annual growth rate, making poker one of the fastest-growing casino card games both in popularity and revenue terms.

Professional gamblers tend to gravitate toward poker as it blends skills, strategy and psychology together into one game. Players compete to get the best hand possible in different poker variations like Omaha or Texas Hold’em.

Due to the game’s skill-based nature, leading casinos worldwide organize poker tournaments frequently that attract celebrities, veteran gamblers and novice players looking to showcase their abilities. Some of the more well-known tournaments include PokerStars Championship, Triton High Roller Series and World Series of Poker events – so check back often.

Video poker

Combining the nostalgia of the classic slot machines with the excitement of poker hands, video poker is an interactive game that has become a fan favorite in 2024. This popular casino game offers one of the highest payout rates for players and there are lots of popular options from leading developers like IGT. However, players need to have the right betting strategy to fully benefit from the game’s RTP. 

Depending on the online casino you’re gambling at, you can expect a wide range of video poker variants, but the differences tend to be minor in general.


Another casino classic, blackjack is the most popular casino banking game in the gambling landscape. This internationally recognized table game has become a staple in almost every casino in the world thanks to its low house edge and simple play. 

While there are different blackjack varieties, the game generally has a high RTP (over 99%) compared to other casino games. However, the number of card decks used in a game can affect the RTP rate. For that reason, blackjack games normally count 10%-20% in satisfying the wagering requirements attached to most welcome bonuses. 

A single-deck blackjack game from leading providers offers an average RTP rate of 99.5%. Some blackjack variations from providers like Ezugi can offer up to 99.82% RTP. However, the game requires the right betting strategy to fully leverage the RTP. 


An elegant game of chance, roulette is stable in all gambling establishments online and offline. The excitement and suspense of watching the roulette ball bouncing on the wheel before standing on a numbered pocket attracts the attention of millions of casual and seasoned gamblers alike. However, the payout rate depends on whether you’re playing American, European, or French roulette. 

American roulette features the lowest payouts since the wheel features a single and double zero, which increases the house edge. In the American version, the game has a 94.74% RTP, but that increases to 97.3% in European roulette since the wheel only features a single zero.  

French roulette has the highest RTP of 98.65% since there’s a rule called La Partage that gives players a 50% refund when the ball lands on zero.  


As we navigate the multi-faceted casino gambling landscape in 2024, slot machines, poker, video poker, roulette, and blackjack are the top-grossing titles in the world. These games showcase diverse features and strategies that contribute millions of dollars to the global economy and support their widespread success.

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