Tentacle locker For Android Download APK File 2024

Tentacle Locker is an activity that involves putting schoolgirls in pleated skirts into the lockers of a school, against their will, with the help of the tentacle.

In the dark game world of adult games, we will find well-crafted games that have a questionable taste but are harmless, while others cause you to think about calling the police. Then there are some, such as the Tentacle Locker, that you’re not sure what to make of it.

Tentacle locker For Android Download APK File 2024

Therefore, we know right from the beginning that this game is designed to be a prank…, or that’s the way we imagine it. The game is set in the hallways that run through a girl’s institution (horn warning), and we have to take control of a unique locker set. As students pass by, we’ll have to 

Tentacle locker For Android Download APK

Unlock these lockers to release our tentacles and then take them inside to their own will.

In lockers In the lockers, in the lockers, a Lovecraft kind of creature uses its tentacle (hence the name) to force people to have sexual relationships. In addition, you should listen to hear the effects when you watch films such as Braindead written by Peter Jackson or The Thing by John Carpenter.

It’s a fun way to pass some time and determine if you can get to the space bar at the right time that could be acceptable for a chimp but nothing more to it. If you’ve come here after a specific search for this game, you might be able to convince your mom to bring you to a doctor when you can.

Tentacle locker For Android Download APK File

Name APK Tentacle locker
Average Rate8/10
Size499 MB
AUTHORHot Pink Games

How to install an Tentacle locker APK on your Android device

Before installing an application using an APK file that is not from Google Play Store, we must ensure that our Android phone’s settings allow us to install third-party applications. This can be verified in the “Security” tab or the Settings menu. In general, this option states installing from an unknown source or permits third-party installs. However, the latest Android models of smartphones may be a bit more distinct.

To be used with Android 8 and 12.

The choice (Settings) might differ according to the version of the device or model.

On non-Samsung devices:

  • Start the device’s Settings
  • Press for Security (and privacy)
  • Under the App Installation section, click Unknown Source Installations.
  • Choose your preferred browser (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) that you would like to use for downloading APK files. APK files.
  • You can enable the toggle button, which lets you install apps.
  • Open the phone’s Settings
  • Go to Security and biometrics and then tap the Install unknown applications
  • Choose the favourite web browser (Samsung Internet, Chrome or Firefox) that you would like for downloading your APK files.
  • Install the toggle for installing apps.
  • Open your device’s Settings
  • Click to open Security. Security.
  • In the Device administration section, switch on to the Sources unknown

How to download Tentacle Locker School Game on Android?

Officialroms programme market can be accessed from the All Applications page. Enter “Tentacle Compartment” into the search box and hit the “Search” button. The Tentacle Locker School Game website can be accessed by tapping the game’s name. To begin downloading the game, click the START option. If you want to play the game on your phone, all you have to do is press the “launch” icon.

Is Tentacle Locker School Game OK for kids under 18?

Due to its minor brutality and erotic material, Tentacle Compartment School Game is recommended for players 18 and up only.

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