Sword Master Story Codes (May 2024)

Sword Master Story Codes (May 2024): Super Planet’s Sword Master Story, a mobile action RPG set in a fantasy world, pits you as the sole Sword Master against an empire betrayal to restore peace. Along your journey you will gather allies that help support you while encountering powerful foes and bosses along your way.

This game boasts an endearing pixel art style that is both appealing and visually charming, offering fast-paced and exciting combat with skill animations that look gorgeous. Furthermore, over 40 unique heroes from mythology as well as legendary equipment await discovery within this journey – each boasting their own special abilities!

Sword Master Story Coupons are promotional Coupons which can be redeemed for in-game rewards in the mobile game Sword Master Story, including items such as gems, gold and EXP scrolls.

Sword Master Story Codes
Sword Master Story Codes (May 2024)

What are the Benefits of Using Sword Master Story Codes?

Sword Master Story Coupons provide several advantages over their non-use. First, they allow players to gain free in-game rewards quickly – giving an early edge against other players and providing access to premium items not often seen elsewhere.

Sword Master Story Codes (Active)

Redeem CodeReward
LOBBY2022400 Ruby (NEW)
MAINTEN28300 Ruby
SMS1BDAY600 Ruby
SPOOKY4U500 Stamina
SWORDMASTER1x 4 Star Summon Ticket, 1x 5 Star Equipment Box, 5x 4-Leaf Clovers, & 3x S-Class Raid Boxes

How to Redeem Sword Master Story Codes

To use a Sword Master Story Coupons, just follow these steps:

  • Launch the Sword Master Story game.
  • Tap the Settings icon. When finished, touch Redeem Code button.
  • Enter the code into the text place.
  • Tap the Redeem button.

How to Find Sword Master Story Codes

There are various methods of finding Sword Master Story Cheats. One is by visiting the game’s official website or social media pages, while another way is searching online – there are websites dedicated to collecting and sharing sword master story Coupons.

FAQs about Sword Master Story Coupons

What are some common mistakes people make when using Sword Master Story Codes?

Some common mistakes people make when using Sword Master Story Coupons include:

  • Entering the code incorrectly.
  • Using an expired code.
  • Trying to redeem a code that is not valid for their region.

How often are new Sword Master Story Codes released?

New Sword Master Story Coupons are periodically released, so to stay informed about these updates it’s best to regularly visit either the game’s official website or social media pages.

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