Surgeon Simulator Studio: TinyBuild Purchases the IPs and More

Surgeon Simulator Studio: Bossa Studios sells the rights to IPs including I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, and other titles to the American independent game publisher tinyBuild.

Indie games enable creators to be creative without major AAA company or brand limitations. There are still several independent game companies, like TinyBuild, that help get games out there and make them franchises if feasible. The purchase of Hello Neighbor’s creators in 2020 led to a spin-off and a sequel. TinyBuild acquired Bossa Studios’ IPs, including Surgeon Simulator.
Surgeon Simulator is a duology by UK-based Bossa Studios. The first game became popular in 2013, because to Let’s Players highlighting its confusing design. Surgeon Simulator 2 was released on Xbox Game Pass and other platforms. Games reported a $3 million advance payment for I am Fish and I am Bread.

Surgeon Simulator Studio: About TinyBuild

Surgeon Simulator Studio

Bossa Studios will concentrate on other projects and games while TinyBuild develops these IPs. Henrique Olifiers, co-founder of Bossa Studio, said the company was extending its co-op PvE games. He says TinyBuild was the greatest option to leave its legacy to since it knows “what makes these games tick” as well as the original dev team.
Surgeon Simulator Studio: TinyBuild tweeted that it was thrilled to acquire these IPs and that it has also bought Russian company Konfa Games for $5.4 million. Konfa Games launched Despotism 3k in 2018 and will release Despot’s Game this year. The crew will join TinyBuild in Serbia.
Bossa Studios’ franchises made $6 million in 2021, according Games TinyBuild’s sales increased 39% to $52.2 million in 2021. TinyBuild’s future games should continue to be goofy and chaotic.

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