Subway Surfers Codes Coins, Keys April 2024

Are You Searching For Working Subway Surfers Codes in 2024? Look No Further. These working codes can be redeemed within the game to receive rewards such as extra lives, cash, keys, rockets or characters!

Subway Surfers redemption codes provide free money and exclusive in-game goodies to enable you to unlock more powerful weapons and protective gear as you advance in the game.

Are You Searching For Current SubwaySurfers Codes? has the complete list of valid Subway coupon codes!

Subway Surfers Codes Coins, Keys 2024

Subway Surfers Codes 2024 | Promo Codes List

Please find below all active Subway-Surfers redeem codes as of today, for free stuff like cash, mystery boxes, keys, rockets and characters inside the game. Players may utilize these redeem codes to obtain these items!

Subway Surfers Redeem Codes List 2024

There are no active codes available

Subway Surfers Codes 2024 List

Subway Surfers CodesRewards×6/zmbiClick this link and you will get free 1 Headstarts and 10 Keys this link and you will get free 2k coins 
giftDiscord2124Redeem this promo code to get Free coins, & keys rewards (Expired)
RunnerUp888Redeem this Code and you will get free 8k coins and 8 keys (Expired)
beyouRedeem this Code and you will get free Headstart and 3 keys (Expired)
thebest9Redeem this Code and you will get free coins & key (Expired)
9yearsrunningRedeem this Code and you will get free coins & key (Expired)
hellochanganRedeem this Code and you will get free coins & key (Expired)

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Before your Subway Surfers coupons expire, act quickly to redeem them before it’s too late! Make sure you visit here regularly – our search for vouchers never ceases!

Verify that the redemption code you inputted exactly matches what appears in the table, paying special attention to both special characters and letter case.

Expired Codes For Subway Surfers

Redeem CodeReward
Bangkokcoins5,000 coins
RaveFriday12,000 coins, 3 keys
Frank4Lyfe5,000 coins
Tonsofkeys100 keys
Facebook3M5,000 coins
funfriday23,000 coins, 3 keys
moscowsurprise1 Leaf, 3 minutes of Moscow update
moscow6keys6 keys
London2018Coins10,000 coins
mmbatpin5,000 coins
Insta50K3,000 coins, 3 keys
funkyfriday13,000 coins, 3 keys
Sybo10k10,000 coins
LNYLucky77,000 coins, 7 keys
happyfriday33,000 coins, 3 keys
instalove100k5,000 coins, 6 keys
potofcoins5,000 coins
instalove200k5,000 coins, 4 keys
Kiloo19Keyz19 keys
Subway2019Venice9,999 coins

Expired Subway Surfers Redeem Codes – List 2

Redeem CodeReward
sybotv5million5,000 coins, 5 keys
eggstremecoins5,000 coins
springtime5,000 coins, 5 keys
rabbotday20213,000 coins, 6 keys
luckyday20218,000 coins
hoppyfriday1,000 coins, 5 keys
singaporedollars5,555 coins
mmcablegoat5 keys
Diablo60Diablo, 5 keys
fridaycheers1,000 coins, 5 keys
welcome2ny5,000 coins, 5 keys
ScareFriday32,000 coins, 3 keys
back2moscow9,001 coins
SYBOTVLNY55,000 coins
HalloBerlin3,000 coins, 6 keys

The Subway Surfers Codes: What Are They?

Subway Surfers Codes are offered free by game’s developers as an incentive for its players. By redeeming these codes, players may take advantage of almost every aspect of Subway Surfers that these codes improve; money, keys, rockets and characters could all become accessible at once! For the latest changes and additions in Subway Surferse, be sure to keep tabs on our list regularly of codes!

Subway Surfers Codes: How to Redeem for the Year 2024?

  • Follow these easy steps to redeem your Subway Surfers coupon.
  • Launch the game, then select the settings cog from the options on the top right.
  • When the new window appears look for the Unlock Codes button towards the bottom of the window and click on it.
  • Here’s where you put the codes we gave you up top: Enter Code below.
  • In the ends all you have to do is hit the Right button and you will get your prize right aways.

how to get more working Subway Surfers codes.

Subway Surfers creators offer discount coupons via several social media outlets, such as Twitter (@sybogames), Facebook, Reddit and Discord. Developers generally issue these promo codes upon release of new games or holidays or festivals; once new coupons become available we will add them here so please add this page as bookmark and return frequently for updates!

Final Words

This post includes valid Subway Surfers codes for Android and iOS platforms. Our post includes methods of getting more codes, how to claim them and list of previously used codes – along with warnings when they have expired.

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