Soul Eater Resonance Codes (May 2024): Get Free Boost

Soul Eater Resonance Codes (May 2024): Soul Eater gained significant popularity during the mid-2000s in Shonen Jump. It follows the thrilling journey of novice soul reapers and their comedic encounters with witchcraft. Although the manga and anime series concluded some time ago it continues to maintain a strong and devoted fanbase. This enduring interest is further fueled by fan-made games such as Soul Eater Resonance. If you aspire to become an exceptional reaper, consider utilizing various codes available for Soul Eater Resonance.

Soul Eater Resonance Codes

Soul Eater Resonance Codes (Working)

All active and working codes are provided here below:

Player NameSpins
thankyouparttwo50 Color spins

Expired codes:

  • bigslamdunk
  • blackblood
  • anewleaf
  • celebrationtime
  • Likes20k
  • 2mvisits
  • 1mvisits
  • resetstuff
  • friendly
  • powerhouse
  • blackstar
  • best friend
  • greyfish
  • whatisitnow
  • unspeakablerizz
  • 3mvisits

How Can I Redeem Soul Eater Resonance Codes?

All steps provided below follow and redeem codes:

  • Start Soul Eater Resonance.
  • Locate the Ticket Icon located at top of the screen.
  • Access Enter Code section and enter one of codes provided in our list.
  • Press Enter key to receive the corresponding reward.

How to get more codes?

To discover additional codes it is recommended that you follow the BurnedTuna Twitter account for the latest news, updates and to engage in conversations with fellow players. Alternatively we will consistently update this wiki with most recent codes so be sure to revisit it regularly!

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